Thursday, June 23, 2016

Are you a Stallion or a Work Horse?

Stallions are very exciting horses - they're spiriteddifficult to handle - and a little dangerous.  And that's what makes them so attractive!  They are the Alpha of horses!

All male horses have the potential to become stallions, but most don't realise it because they've never been taught to see themselves in that way. 
So they settle for a much lower position within the herd... which is good news for the other male horses, because they don't really want more stallions around. 

Why don't they want more strong capable horses in the group?... You'd think it would be good for the overall survival of the herd!

Well that might be true, but stallions reduce the social status of the other horses, which makes them less attractive to the female horses in the herd.

In short, it limits their breeding potential, and the natural urge to pass on their own genetic make-up! 

Consequently, your average horse is never going to fully support another male horse who is striving to achieve his natural potential to be a stallion. Remember that!

Interestingly, when a woman is looking to invest in a horse for the family home, it's often the ordinary work horse that gets chosen. Why?  Because a work horse is much easier to control, and more predictable.

In short, a work horse can get the chores done and perform the necessary breeding, even though it's not an exciting animal to own or ride.

Sometimes, women who own a work horse actually make sure that he never looks attractive to other riders... just in case he starts to become aware of his actual potential. It's much safer to keep him looking unattractive and unaware!

That's a shame really, because a woman who rides a stallion has a much higher status within her social group. Why?  Because it shows that she's got what it takes to keep a stallion.... and that makes her more of an Alpha

More importantly, a stallion who is free to be what Nature intended him to be is healthier both mentally and physically... and he will have developed the strength and spirit he needs to rise-up and protect the herd when it's necessary. 

That's an important survival trait, and not something that the average work horse can do very easily... which is why stallions are respected and admired.

So which are you, a stallion, or a work horse who hasn't yet realised his full and natural potential?

Either way, you can always improve your situation. How?  First by understanding that your role is to be a strong protector-provider.  In spite of any social trends to the contrary, at a primal level you are expected to be masculine, and express masculine strengths and virtues.

Next, understand that in order to achieve that you need to always look masculine, sound masculine, and move in a masculine way.

In other words : dress simple, strong, and functional ; talk in an honest and respectful way to others, but be true to yourself and what you believe ; and walk with a calm relaxed confidence!

Finally, don't ask for anyone's permission... just express your stallion nature... its a beautiful thing!

It's a Primal Thing.