Saturday, May 7, 2016

Primal Dating Guidelines & The Reasons Why

Men are hard-wired to be attracted to young, fit, beautiful women… and it’s an attraction that doesn’t diminish with age. Why not?  Because history has shown that a woman who is young and physically fit has the best chance of surviving the rigors of pregnancy and child-birth.

In short, being young and fit are survival traits... and therefore high-value mating currencies!

'Beauty' is another high-value currency, because human beings like beautiful things. We like to own beautiful things, or be are beautiful people. Consequently, a woman who is beautiful in some way will usually receive preferential treatment from the other members of their tribe (or social group).

So young, fit, sexy women who are beautiful are considered to be very desirable… simply because they exhibit high-value currencies that have proved to be advantageous in life.

Although young female Athletes should be the perfect example of this concept, thin young women have become the accepted ideal in many countries around the world these days… and Victoria Secret models would be just one example (see photo above).

Not surprisingly, Alpha females like fashion models are naturally attracted to Alpha males… men who exhibit the masculine high-value currencies. But that doesn't include just being a 'nice guy.'

So with that in mind, let's move on to the two factors that influence our dating behaviours and our preferences : primal hard-wiring ; and the psychological influences from our upbringing.

Here’s a breakdown of what that means :
  • Young women will naturally be attracted to men of a similar age, and generally from the same race or religion... simply because they share the same experiences, and the same beliefs and social values.
  • However the average adult male can expect to be attractive to a woman 5-to-10 years his junior, especially if he has an established career / trade / or job... because that falls under the primal role of the man being the protector / provider (providing an income). 
  • To be attractive to a woman 15 years his junior, a man will generally need to have higher-value mating currencies such as : status ; wealth ; or fame.
  • To be attractive to a woman 20 years or more his junior, there is usually some psychological aspects in play on her part.  This is commonly referred to as a young woman's want for a Father-figure… an older wiser protector-provider to take care of her. However it's not a role that all men want to play... most still want to be regarded as a virile male in his prime.  But some are happy to be a Sugar Daddy (see Hugh Hefner below).

So keep that in mind next find yourself attracted to a beautiful young woman... especially if you're in your 40's or 50's (or older).  While you're naturally hard-wired to find her highly desirable (it's primal), she's naturally hard-wired to be attracted to young men of a similar age and social group.  Unless of course there are some psychological factors in play... and then it might be a different story!

But always maximize your attraction-factor with Alpha Styling anyway!

It's a Primal Thing.


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