Sunday, May 29, 2016

French College of Seduction - It's a Primal Thing!

Here’s some make-over advice for men from Veronique Juliene of Ecole Francaise de Seduction - French College of Seduction (photo above) :
  • At a primal level men are hunters who must prove themselves… and that includes making the first move by hunting and seducing women
  • Women notice men’s shoes, hoping to see something interesting… but many men miss this point and wear practical shoes that are boring
  • Men should have a manly haircut, and not look untidy or feminine... so ignore fashion trends that don't look manly
  • A man's clothes should fit well, and he should have a good suit
  • And always walk upright in a relaxed and confident way.
Footnote : Many men become lazy about their appearance once they’re in a relationship or get married… and yet after a while they complain that their partner has “Let herself go!” 

Well it goes both ways. If you want your partner to continue to find you sexually attractive, you can’t afford to ignore these basic points of seduction.

Remember that sexual attraction is not a choice, it's a hard-wired response to psychological triggers... which include how you look, walk and talk.

Finally, if your partner ever resists you dressing to look your best, keep in mind that looking attractive to other women actually lifts your partner's social status... because it highlights that she's got what it takes to attract-and-keep an Alpha male!

It's a Primal Thing.


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