Monday, May 30, 2016

Always be Authentic - It's an Alpha Thing!


Strength of character is an Alpha trait… and it’s naturally expressed in the way a man dresses. In the photo of American actor Channing Tatum above, he’s looking strong in a fresh white under-shirt, a grey woollen cardigan with a roll-collar, and a blue woolen coat. 

Those items are all classic pieces that could be worn with either chinos or jeans to create a stylish casual look… perfect for a movie or a coffee-date on a cold night. 

But instead they’ve been put together with faded grungy looking jeans that have holes in one knee… and brown lace-up boots that have an old military look.  And that creates a very different statement about who he is, or who he’s supposed to be!  I'll explain why....

If the average guy on the street was to wear those jeans he would be sending the message that he’s someone who works with his hands… maybe a labourer or a tradesman… or maybe he rides a bike.  But if he’s none of those things, then he’s a not being authentic… he’s not being honest.

Or maybe he's wearing jeans like that to be trendy. Or maybe he saw a famous movie star wearing them on the cover of a magazine, and thought they looked cool.  But if they aren’t an expression of who he really is, then he’s not being honest with himself… nor with the women he hopes to attract.

But this approach to fashion is quite common these days.  A lot of guys dress to put an exaggerated ‘spin’ on how they look… and below are two examples I see quite often at my local shopping centre :

The Sportsman :  He wears the latest brightly coloured runners, baggy sports shorts, and a famous brand-name t-shirt, or maybe even a martial arts or MMA t-shirt.  Sometimes he'll wear a cap (backwards), as well as sunglasses pushed up onto the cap.

The way he dresses says I like to see myself as an active sporty kind of guy.  And I’d like you to see me that way too!  But right now I’m not doing sports, I’m buying groceries in an air-conditioned shopping centre... and then I'm going home.”

The Outdoorsman :  This guy wears trekking shoes, cargo pants or shorts that have lots of pockets, and a t-shirt with either a trekking or climbing motif on the front. 

The way he dresses says I like to see myself as a rugged outdoorsy kind of guy… and I’d like you to see me that way too!  But right now I’m not trekking through the wilderness, I’m buying groceries in an air-conditioned shopping centre... and then I'm going home.”

The simple difference between being authentic and putting a ‘spin’ on how you dress is honesty.  

If an Alpha is wearing a cap, it’s because he’s outside. And if he’s wearing runners, it’s because he’s running.  If he’s wearing sports gear, it’s because he’s off to the gym or the sports field. 

But if he’s shopping for groceries, then he’s not going to be dressed for sports or the outdoors, he's going to be dressed simple, strong and functional in something like this :
  • a fitted t-shirt or shirt in a dark or solid colour
  • jeans, chinos, or shorts that fit well in the crotch and arse
  • leather footwear and a leather belt (avoid wearing runners).

Consequently, any woman he meets is going to be impressed by his masculine Alpha Styling, and his honesty.  He’s not trying to a ‘spin’ on who he really is… he’s showing everyone exactly who he is. That’s called being ‘authentic’.....

Finally, above is an example of a man being honest in his expression of Alpha Styling.  It’s the actor Mark Wahlberg from the movie “Daddy’s Home”.  He’s looking rugged in a weathered motorcycle jacket, a black t-shirt, fitted jeans, and a leather belt that screams ‘classic bike’.  And that’s an authentic look, because in the movie he’s a dad who rides an Indian motorcycle

In short - what you see is what you get.  And what you see is a man who looks manly, tough, and a little dangerous… which is both attractive and exciting to most women.

It's a Primal Thing.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

French College of Seduction - It's a Primal Thing!

Here’s some make-over advice for men from Veronique Juliene of Ecole Francaise de Seduction - French College of Seduction (photo above) :
  • At a primal level men are hunters who must prove themselves… and that includes making the first move by hunting and seducing women
  • Women notice men’s shoes, hoping to see something interesting… but many men miss this point and wear practical shoes that are boring
  • Men should have a manly haircut, and not look untidy or feminine... so ignore fashion trends that don't look manly
  • A man's clothes should fit well, and he should have a good suit
  • And always walk upright in a relaxed and confident way.
Footnote : Many men become lazy about their appearance once they’re in a relationship or get married… and yet after a while they complain that their partner has “Let herself go!” 

Well it goes both ways. If you want your partner to continue to find you sexually attractive, you can’t afford to ignore these basic points of seduction.

Remember that sexual attraction is not a choice, it's a hard-wired response to psychological triggers... which include how you look, walk and talk.

Finally, if your partner ever resists you dressing to look your best, keep in mind that looking attractive to other women actually lifts your partner's social status... because it highlights that she's got what it takes to attract-and-keep an Alpha male!

It's a Primal Thing.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why Doesn't She Like Me? - I'm a Nice guy!

It’s not uncommon for men to think that being Nice is something that will make them sexually attractive to a woman.  Most often this stems from childhood, when a well behaved little boy was rewarded with affection from the females in his family.

However the concept of 'Nice = Sex' doesn’t translate to The Mating Game… when an adult woman is looking for an adult man to start a relationship with, and potentially have a family together.

Remember that sexual attraction is not a choice... it's a hard-wired response to psychological triggers (behaviours)... which include how you dress, how you walk, and how you talk.

So when you talk about yourself, you need to come across as being :
  • someone who knows their direction in life – or at least their direction right now
  • that you believe what you’re doing is worthwhile – which shows confidence and character
  • and that you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses - so you’re not looking for anyone’s approval

And if you combine that conversation with your own expression of Alpha Styling, you’ll create a positive psychological impression everywhere you go. And that's going to increase the number of women you attract.

Just keep in mind that you’re not going to be the ideal partner for everyone that you find attractive. So try not to take it too personally when you’re interested in someone who just isn’t interested in you.

Quite often it can simply be a matter of body chemistry… the wrong mix of pheromones (smells) that transmit your genetic make-up.  And there’s nothing you can do about that kind of message! 

Remember we humans are generally attracted to a mate with different genetic traits to ours, simply because the mix will give our children a greater chance of survival in life.  And no amount of niceness, or money, or good looks is going to make up for that primal instinct.  

It's a Primal Thing.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Maximise your Masculinity - It's as Easy as 1,2,3

The photo above is of Scott Schuman, the famous fashion photographer known as The Satorialist.

Although Scott photographs quirky and individualised street fashion, he doesn't necessarily follow the trends.  Instead, he chooses classic pieces and dresses like most of the top male fashion designers do - with Alpha Styling :
  1. avoid anything with excess decoration
  2. wear form-fitting clothes that highlight your masculine features
  3. and base your wardrobe on dark and solid colours, because they look the strongest.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Primal Dating Guidelines & The Reasons Why

Men are hard-wired to be attracted to young, fit, beautiful women… and it’s an attraction that doesn’t diminish with age. Why not?  Because history has shown that a woman who is young and physically fit has the best chance of surviving the rigors of pregnancy and child-birth.

In short, being young and fit are survival traits... and therefore high-value mating currencies!

'Beauty' is another high-value currency, because human beings like beautiful things. We like to own beautiful things, or be are beautiful people. Consequently, a woman who is beautiful in some way will usually receive preferential treatment from the other members of their tribe (or social group).

So young, fit, sexy women who are beautiful are considered to be very desirable… simply because they exhibit high-value currencies that have proved to be advantageous in life.

Although young female Athletes should be the perfect example of this concept, thin young women have become the accepted ideal in many countries around the world these days… and Victoria Secret models would be just one example (see photo above).

Not surprisingly, Alpha females like fashion models are naturally attracted to Alpha males… men who exhibit the masculine high-value currencies. But that doesn't include just being a 'nice guy.'

So with that in mind, let's move on to the two factors that influence our dating behaviours and our preferences : primal hard-wiring ; and the psychological influences from our upbringing.

Here’s a breakdown of what that means :
  • Young women will naturally be attracted to men of a similar age, and generally from the same race or religion... simply because they share the same experiences, and the same beliefs and social values.
  • However the average adult male can expect to be attractive to a woman 5-to-10 years his junior, especially if he has an established career / trade / or job... because that falls under the primal role of the man being the protector / provider (providing an income). 
  • To be attractive to a woman 15 years his junior, a man will generally need to have higher-value mating currencies such as : status ; wealth ; or fame.
  • To be attractive to a woman 20 years or more his junior, there is usually some psychological aspects in play on her part.  This is commonly referred to as a young woman's want for a Father-figure… an older wiser protector-provider to take care of her. However it's not a role that all men want to play... most still want to be regarded as a virile male in his prime.  But some are happy to be a Sugar Daddy (see Hugh Hefner below).

So keep that in mind next find yourself attracted to a beautiful young woman... especially if you're in your 40's or 50's (or older).  While you're naturally hard-wired to find her highly desirable (it's primal), she's naturally hard-wired to be attracted to young men of a similar age and social group.  Unless of course there are some psychological factors in play... and then it might be a different story!

But always maximize your attraction-factor with Alpha Styling anyway!

It's a Primal Thing.