Saturday, April 16, 2016

Getting a Woman's Attention

Some time ago I watched Jerry Seinfeld doing a comedy sketch about the lengths men will go to in order to get a woman's attention.  I thought his words offered a profound insight into men's lack of appreciation for their natural attraction-factor.

Jerry started by acknowledging all the things that women go through in order to be attractive to men : wearing eye-catching fabrics and patterns ; doing their make-up ; the hair ; the nail-polish ; the shaving and the waxing.  But then he suggested that it's actually harder for men..... 

Why is it harder?  Because (according to Jerry) most men don't know what to do to be attractive to women... which is why they build bridges, climb mountains, and fly rockets to the moon.  And it's really really hard to do those things.... but we do them to try and impress women.

He finished by saying that when an astronaut comes back from space he'll go up to a beautiful woman, point up at the sky and ask with great pride "Well, did you see me up there?!!!" 

I laughed when I heard that, but it rang true... most men don't actually know how to make themselves attractive to women.  In fact most young men wear overly decorated (feminized) fashion... or they dress like lost little boys in long baggy-bum shorts and sneakers.  And somehow they think that's going to make them attractive to a mature woman who's looking for a sexy man.

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of men these days have lost sight of our primal role in life.... which is to be a warrior-hunter... or to use a modern term, a protector-provider

Regardless of social trends, at a primal level men are expected to look and act like men... and that includes how you dress. The more a man exhibits masculine traits in the way he dresses, the more attractive he's going to be to women... and the more respect he's going to get from other men.

So what's a man (a real man) supposed to dress like?  Well he should exhibit the character traits that are valued in a protector-provider :
  • simple... practical
  • strong... capable
  • functional... effective
  • with obvious quality... high standards
  • and an understated elegance... an eye for detail.

I describe that set of masculine character traits as 'Alpha Styling', and you can start developing your own expression of it by dressing this way :  
  • take a minimalist approach (no big logos or wording)
  • highlight your best physical features (shoulders, chest, butt)
  • and use dark and solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe.

And when it comes to selecting new items for your wardrobe... regardless of whether it's jeans, a watch, or sunglasses... ask yourself these five questions :
  • is it simple in its design?
  • does it look strong and masculine?
  • is it functional for what I need it for?
  • does it look like it's a quality piece?
  • is it understated (not overly flashy or fancy)?

    It's a Primal Thing.

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