Saturday, June 6, 2015

Maximise your Exposure

Most single men think they have to go to a bar or a club to meet eligible women.  But that's often not the case at all.  Most men miss everyday opportunities to maximise their exposure and start-up conversations with women who like the way they look.  It could be at work, at a coffee shop, at social or religious events, or even at the supermarket.

So you should never go grocery shopping wearing a daggy old t-shirt, baggy shorts and flip-flops!  

Instead, wherever you go, on a weeknight or the weekend, always strive to wear an outfit that has high sexual currency.  Because you never know when you're going to run into someone you find attractive, or who might find you attractive.

Keep in mind that we (humans) are naturally hard-wired to judge someone from a distance. It's a primal survival trait.... we have to quickly determine if a stranger is a friend, or foe.  And it's for that reason that you should give yourself the advantage of dressing in a way that maximises your natural masculinity. 

Remember that sexual attraction is not a choice... it's a hard-wired response to primal triggers.

So if you're likely to come across women at your workplace, or at the companies you visit, then focus your Alpha Styling on how you dress for work. How do you do that?  Simple :
  • take a minimalist approach (with little-to-no decoration)
  • highlight your best masculine features (shoulders, chest, butt)
  • use dark and solid colours as the foundation of the way you dress.

When you're shopping for groceries at your local supermarket, dress in a casual expression of Alpha Styling.  Because if you attract someone's attention, it's easy to then make eye contact, and smile as you pass by. 

And if they're interested in what they see, you're probably going to run into them again in the next aisle where you can smile again, and say "Hi." 

Don't be in a rush though... and never seem too eager to make contact.  If a woman is interested, then no doubt you'll bump into each other again in a few minutes.

And it's at that stage you will have the opportunity to take the interaction a little further... perhaps with a short complement about her appearance.  For example, "Great shoes! - or jeans! - or hair!"

Just keep in mind that when you do start talking, that first 60 seconds of conversation is going to be important. So make sure you've got your back story ready.

What's a back story?  It's a description of yourself that you give when they ask "What do you do?"  And your response has to be something that makes you seem interesting and different.  

Here's a link to the post on that tactic.  Just click on it if you'd like to find out more :


It's a Primal Thing. 


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