Saturday, June 20, 2015

Primal Sexual Energy

Sexual attraction is not a choice - it's a hard-wired response to psychological triggers.  Put simply, if you dress in a distinctly masculine way, and act in a distinctly masculine way, you will express a primal sexual energy that is naturally attractive to women. And vice-versa. 
I recently came across an example of masculine sexual energy from a very unlikely source… a woman... Australian actress and model Ruby Rose.  She has been grabbing headlines in America since her debut as an inmate on the television series "Orange Is The New Black".
In interviews Ruby often describes herself as being 'gender fluid'... moving between the sexual identity of both male and female.  And as an example, in a recent video she transforms herself from a blonde wearing a tight dress, red lipstick and high heels, into a confident and potentially dangerous 'Bad Boy'.  She even wears a prosthetic penis to create that all-important masculine bulge in her pants.  Her video is called “Break Free."
But what’s interesting is that, because she wants to be attractive to women, Ruby instinctively adopts a masculine image and sexual energy. And her ability to express that has caused a growing number of straight women across America to become instant fans.
And therein lies the lesson.  Towards the end of the video Ruby emerges with an edgy hair-cut, wearing a dark coloured jacket, fitted jeans, shiny leather boots, and expressing masculine body language that says “I’m in chargeI know what I’m doing - and I know what will excite you.
And that primal masculine energy registers with straight women and feminine-gay women alike!
So the question is, how can you tweak your own Image Projection to create the kind of sexual attraction that’s causing so many straight women to look at Ruby and say “I’d tap that.”
Keep in mind that increasing your attraction-factor is not something that's done by being extra nice.  It’s done by being extra manly…. creating a strong and slightly aggressive (edgy) look that triggers a primal sexual excitement in women. 
And the good news is that you don't have to act like this all the time... just now and then will probably be enough to increase the sexual tension in your relationship.
It's not something that's necessary all the time because even though Bad Boys and Bad Girls are exciting ( and very sexual ), they generally don't want to settle down with just one person.  And one way or another, most people realise that.  So just a touch of Bad Boy is usually more than enough. 
Below is the link... you can watch the whole thing... or just the last 40 seconds. It really is a lesson in primal sexual energy : *(5mins17secs – or start at 4mins42secs) 
It's a Primal Thing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Express your Cultural Heritage - Alpha Style

One of the things I like about Jackie Chan’s fashion sense is that it’s obviously ‘Alpha’, but at the same time he also expresses his own cultural heritage. In fact his unusual blend of cultural styles often reminds me of the Sino-European fashion that was made famous in Shanghai in the 1930’s.
To express your own cultural heritage all you have to do is start with one or two fashion pieces. For example, you might focus on a particular style of jacket, or a shirt collar, or a pattern that has some cultural significance
This can work for any culture... Australian, German, Russian, Malaysian, Chinese... any culture
All you need to do is apply the following Alpha Style guidelines :
  • take a minimalist approach (little-to-no decoration)
  • highlight your best physical features (shoulders, chest, butt)
  • use dark and solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe
  • make sure that everything you wear is simple, strong and functional
  • and when possible, buy quality items that fit well and are well made (elegant). 

As a cultural contrast to Jackie's expression, above is a casual example of Austrian Alpha Styling

Blue jeans ; strong stylish boots ; knitwear that features rural colours together with some blue to complement the jeans ; and a green wool jacket that's a contemporary expression of the traditional Austrian Loden jacket. 

It might not look very impressive to anyone who isn't Austrian, but to the locals it would demonstrate a young man's masculinity, and his cultural pride.  And that can prompt greater respect from other men, and maximise his attraction-factor amongst the local girls.

Here's another example.  It's a modern version of the iconic Australian Driza-Bone oilskin jacket. Wear it with a good quality chambray shirt, a pair of fitted jeans or chinos, and a pair of RM Williams boots (below), and you've got an urban expression of Australia's cultural heritage.

It's all about image projection. Using your heritage to make a statement about your character!
It's a Primal Thing.  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Maximise your Exposure

Most single men think they have to go to a bar or a club to meet eligible women.  But that's often not the case at all.  Most men miss everyday opportunities to maximise their exposure and start-up conversations with women who like the way they look.  It could be at work, at a coffee shop, at social or religious events, or even at the supermarket.

So you should never go grocery shopping wearing a daggy old t-shirt, baggy shorts and flip-flops!  

Instead, wherever you go, on a weeknight or the weekend, always strive to wear an outfit that has high sexual currency.  Because you never know when you're going to run into someone you find attractive, or who might find you attractive.

Keep in mind that we (humans) are naturally hard-wired to judge someone from a distance. It's a primal survival trait.... we have to quickly determine if a stranger is a friend, or foe.  And it's for that reason that you should give yourself the advantage of dressing in a way that maximises your natural masculinity. 

Remember that sexual attraction is not a choice... it's a hard-wired response to primal triggers.

So if you're likely to come across women at your workplace, or at the companies you visit, then focus your Alpha Styling on how you dress for work. How do you do that?  Simple :
  • take a minimalist approach (with little-to-no decoration)
  • highlight your best masculine features (shoulders, chest, butt)
  • use dark and solid colours as the foundation of the way you dress.

When you're shopping for groceries at your local supermarket, dress in a casual expression of Alpha Styling.  Because if you attract someone's attention, it's easy to then make eye contact, and smile as you pass by. 

And if they're interested in what they see, you're probably going to run into them again in the next aisle where you can smile again, and say "Hi." 

Don't be in a rush though... and never seem too eager to make contact.  If a woman is interested, then no doubt you'll bump into each other again in a few minutes.

And it's at that stage you will have the opportunity to take the interaction a little further... perhaps with a short complement about her appearance.  For example, "Great shoes! - or jeans! - or hair!"

Just keep in mind that when you do start talking, that first 60 seconds of conversation is going to be important. So make sure you've got your back story ready.

What's a back story?  It's a description of yourself that you give when they ask "What do you do?"  And your response has to be something that makes you seem interesting and different.  

Here's a link to the post on that tactic.  Just click on it if you'd like to find out more :


It's a Primal Thing.