Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's just My Way of Controlling the Future

Most people like to be in control of what's happening around them… because if you’re in control you’re more likely to get whatever you personally want from a situation. So it should come as no surprise that girlfriends like to be able to control their boyfriend - but without him realising it of course.

Recently I watched an episode of the television comedy Last Man Standing… and the last scene offered a funny insight into The Primal Game between men and women :

Scene :  A girlfriend decides to improve her boyfriend’s style of dressing to increase his desirability.  But then she realises that if she changes his look, he might become attractive to other women... and then he might realise that he could have his choice of girls. 

So she decides to keep him looking dorky, and feeling grateful to have her as his girlfriend.

Her decision is all about retaining control… a psychological tactic that's used by some women to make sure the guy sticks around long enough to be a protector-provider for her, and for their future children.  It's a long-term plan... much longer than most men realise when they're just dating!

A lot of guys think that if they’ve already got a girlfriend (or a wife) then the way they dress is just fine... because it was good enough to get her.  But what they don’t realise is that many women choose a man they can mould and shape… and that includes the way he dresses.

In short, they have a plan for their man. It's a primal thing. They're planning their own family!

What has to be understood however, is that the more 'Alpha' a man looks, the more it increases the status of his lady amongst the other women in her social group. Why?  Because it shows that she is good enough to attract-and-keep a strong and confident man... an Alpha male

So really it’s a win-win situation when you take charge of the way you dress, and maximise your natural masculinity with your own expression of Alpha Styling.  It will make you more attractive to your partner... and it will prompt greater respect from other men. 

But keep in mind that you might come across some resistance if your partner starts to feel insecure about the extra attention you start to attract from other women.  And if that happens, then she will need some re-assurance from you… until she realises that you’re not actually going anywhere.

For a funny example look up Last Man Standing, Season 3 Episode 10,
and skip forward to the last scene in the cafe.

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