Friday, April 17, 2015

Conversation Starters and a Back-Story

Everyone who dresses with their own expression of Alpha Styling knows that it works. It's a primal thing.  It maximises your attraction-factor, and prompts greater respect from other men.

How does it work?  Well it expresses (through your choice of clothing) the basic character traits that are desirable in a male. These are the character traits of the primal warrior-hunter :
  • a man whose approach practical *(simple)
  • a man who is capable in his role *(strong) 
  • a man who is effective in his role *(functional)

That gives you a way of dressing that's simple, strong, and functional. And then you add the two traits that distinguish an Alpha male :
  • obvious quality
  • and an understated elegance. 

All that comes together into five parameters that determine everything you buy... from your watch and sunglasses, to your shirts, pants, jackets and shoes.  All of them make the same statement :

Simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and understated elegance.

But sometimes... just sometimes... when you're on a date or at a social event, there are one or two other men who just happen to get it right and are looking quite 'Alpha' themselves.

So how are you going to distinguish yourself from them?  How are you going to be more interesting and attractive?

Well it all comes down to two tactics : a conversation starter ; and an interesting back-story.

Just recently I was talking to a Branding & Marketing executive about the current trend of wearing skulls (death mythology).  As an example, in the top photo Arnold Schwarzenegger is wearing a large skull ring... as does Sylvester Stallone (above).

Now it takes a larger than life personality to wear a ring of that size, but anyone could wear a black leather bracelet like the one below.  It's primal and edgy because it's leather and metal... and it's attractive enough for people to notice it on your wrist.  And skulls are very on-trend right now!

This is what I call a conversation starter, because it gives someone who is interested in you something to comment on... something to start a conversation about.
Keep in mind that it's difficult for most women to start talking to a man they're interested in, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to engage in a conversation with you. Then you can decide if they are right for you, or not.
So what you're going to hear is something like "That's unusual - does that mean something special?"
And here is where your back-story comes in to play.  After that comment you have about sixty seconds to sell yourself with an interesting story about what that piece means to you. And it should be description that has the potential to set you apart from all the other men in the room.
So what you have to do is put together all the interesting facts about your life and/or the activities that interest you... and link them to an attractive conversation starter.
For example, you might work in an interesting or unusual field... or you might like to scuba-dive, or rock-climb, or ride motor cycles.  Remember you've got about 60 seconds to highlight the aspects of your life that make you different and interesting.
But they must be aspects that are attractive to women... aspects that complement the primal role of a man being a strong protector-provider... a modern-day warrior-hunter.     
The bracelet above is another example of a conversation starter. It's a solid leather bracelet with a Cross as it's feature piece. It's something I recommended to a man whose main contact with eligible women was at the social events at his Church.  It's primal and edgy, but it also highlights his beliefs.

And because that same gentleman is also a martial artist, I recommended that he consider wearing something like this Japanese kanji, on a strong black leather necklace.
It's the symbol for Faith/Belief... so it connects his interest in reality-based personal protection with his Christian faith... and that gives more content and texture to his personal back-story.
You can imagine what those two pieces together (bracelet and necklace) will do to complement his personal Alpha Styling at any social event. He will look masculine and stylish, with a primal edginess. And that's a look that is very attractive to most women.
Remember, sexual attraction is not a choice... it's a hard-wired psychological response. And what you're looking to do is trigger that response with what you wear, and what you say.
And this isn't just for single guys either. Any man who is married or in a relationship should look at strengthening his partner's attraction by adopting these simple tactics.  Bring out your inner ALPHA.

It's a Primal Thing.

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