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Interviews from all Walks of Life - Sean Genders

Introduction : The first in this series of interviews is with Sean Genders, an Emmy Award winning Special Effects Artist who recently spent seven months in Namibia, working on the latest Mad Max movie - 'Fury Road' - due for release in May this year.

Sean also wrote and directed an award winning short film called 'The Edge of Reality', which stars John Jarratt and Dan Wyllie. It has been a feature in the annual Australian Film Festival in Pezenas (France) for the past 3 years.

Sean presently lives on the Gold Coast (Australia) to be close to Warner Bros. Film Studios. He holds black belt ranking in martial arts, and gives classes in reality-based self-protection tactics... which served him well in Namibia. 

When Hollywood arrived to film Fury Road, the local towns became flooded with beggars and petty criminals who were looking for rich easy targets.  But we'll explore those street confrontations in a future interview (coming soon).


Sean, how would you describe your personal expression of Alpha Styling?

Firstly I think it's important to highlight that Alpha Styling has a subtle psychological effect on people everywhere.  It's understated, but it can have a definite effect on your career and social life.

For me, my working locations can change daily. I can go from a set in a film studio to a location in a city, or a jungle, or even the deserts of Namibia... so comfort and durability is essential.

Everywhere I go I take my leather bag with me. Along with whatever else I need on the day, it holds my watch... a pen... a folding multi-tool... a torch... small first-aid kit... wallet and passport.

Sean - because different countries and cities have different cultural influences, what styling advice would you give to men visiting or living on the Gold Coast?

Don't feel that you have to fit-in with everyone else all the time... especially if the men are wearing baggy board-shorts that women don't particularly like the look of... which is often the case.

There are great alternatives to just wearing long shorts, thongs and singlets. Block colours, fitted clothes and shorter shorts are always going to make you look more serious, and more attractive.

Just ask yourself "Would Bond wear it? James Bond is the quintessential Alpha personality... and that styling works internationally. Men respect it, and women are attracted to it.

So if you couldn't imagine James Bond wearing something, then it's obviously not masculine enough, and it isn't going to benefit your career or your social life.

Sean when it comes to accessories, what is your preference in sunglasses?

I like to have more than one pair. If you do a bit of research on-line, it can be a relatively inexpensive way to mix up your look while still retaining a personal style. I have a preference for the Persol brand.. specifically a metal frame that's not quite an aviator style, but very similar.

If I prefer to wear a thicker plastic frame then I never choose anything too large. I don't want to come off looking like Clark Kent (from Superman). The Persols in the photo above are a good example... and below are the metal frames I wear.

What's your preference in Watches?I like Omega... maybe its the Bond theme again. But I feel that a man needs more than one watch if he can pick up a couple of good quality pieces. I personally prefer something strong and metal for business... but I like the look of a stitched mahogany leather band for casual meetings and after-hours.

What about accessories like a business pen? :  I carry a Tuff Writer Precision Press tactical pen in burnt orange... but I plan to buy one of the titanium models... the dark edgy looking one (below).

I find Precision Press pens are stylish enough for business, and strong enough to be the perfect tool for self protection. I never travel without mine... and it passes through security without any trouble.

Any other 'tools' of self protection? : My small Varta Tactical Torch. In fact it's something I actually keep beside the bed when I'm at home. It's light, bright, very strong... and when it's held in your fist it makes an effective close-quarter striking tool.

Sean, is there a travel safety tip you can offer that's based on your personal experience?
When you're travelling, always be aware of the importance of maintaining a strong presence in your dress and how you carry yourself.  You need to appear aware and confident.
Never be over flashy in how you dress. As a Westerner you're already richer than most other nations, and the locals know that. They know that you'll have cash, an i-phone, camera, and maybe even a computer. And if you carry a bag, the criminals know that you will generally keep all those valuables in it.
So choose a bag wisely... something secure that you can wear close to your body. Mine actually has a strap that goes around my back to the opposite shoulder (like a holster).
Keep in mind that attacks are rarely random. So watch for the watchers... and watch them back. The lions don't attack the strongest gazelle. If you look like a hard target they will usually move on.
To see more of Sean's work you can visit his website by clicking on this link :
It's a Primal Thing.

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