Thursday, January 8, 2015

Image Projection - Every Accessory Counts

As any Close Protection Operative will tell you, applying the tactic of Image Projection is an important aspect of everyday business.  Why?  Because looking professional and capable has an effect on both your Principal (client), and the person you're protecting them from.

However Image Projection isn't just a good business practice. It makes a difference in your social life as well. But it's not just the clothes you wear, it's everything your carry with you... your watch, sunglasses, wallet... even your pen

Why does it make a difference?  Because it all makes a statement about your character. And if the way you dress and all your accessories highlight the same character traits, then you make a subtle but profound statement.

Unfortunately a lot of young men get this wrong... and they wear a mixture of conflicting styles.

The most common example I see is office workers who wear sports sunglasses with a suit. They obviously want everyone to know that they do some kind of sport... but it's not something that's valued in a corporate environment.

You are much better off wearing clothes and accessories that make one simple statement... preferably a statement that expresses the values that are respected in your environment.

When I went looking for a new pen, I wanted something with all the characteristics of Alpha Styling:

Simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance.

Through a contact in personal security I came across Tuff Writer Tactical Pens... and I ended up choosing a Precision Press model.

I liked it because it's a wolf in sheep's clothing... it didn't look like it was engineered to have the self-defence capabilities that it does. The corporate styling makes it perfect for any business, and you can carry it through airport security without raising any suspicion.

I was so pleased with it that my wife and daughter now have one as well (for personal protection).

Finally, when it comes to applying the tactic of Image Projection, keep in mind that having a quality pen in your hand doesn’t just make a good visual impression. Anyone who borrows your pen to write something down will be impressed by its solid construction. And they will unconsciously associate that positive experience with you.

Tuff Writer also offer a sleek Tactical Torch, pictured above with a black Precision Press Pen.
To browse through the Tuff Writer website, click on to this link :

It's a Primal Thing.

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