Thursday, January 15, 2015

Checked Tablecloths and Striped Pyjamas

I often used to think to myself "Who the hell ever thought it was a good idea to dress men in shirts that look like tablecloths and pyjamas?"  See the checked shirts above and below as examples.

Well I have a theory about how it might start with most men. I think that mothers dress their little boys that way, and think it looks colourful. And no doubt other women (friends and relatives) would have said "Oh doesn't he look cute"... and maybe even given the little boy a kiss.

Years later, the man is shopping for clothes and sees a nice checked shirt or a nice pyjama stripe shirt, and remembers all the compliments he got from the women in his life. So he buys it... quite possibly hoping to attract similar attention from women now.

The problem of course is that he's not a little boy any more.... he's a grown man. And looking nice in pretty colours and patterns is not going to prompt a primal attraction from women... nor will it prompt respect from other men.

To prove my point, following are some scenes from the television show "Two and a Half Men", when it starred Charlie Sheen as the Alpha male, and Jon Cryer as the hapless brother who has trouble being taken seriously by anyone... especially by women.

Firstly, it's interesting to note that the character of Allen (on the left) is often dressed
in bright checks and stripes... while Charlie (the Alpha brother) is dressed
in strong solid colours.  Why?  Because strong solid colours 
make a strong solid impression.

Now let's look at the concept of wearing pyjama stripes... a very relaxed (sleepy) look
that does nothing to strike a primal chord in women.  In fact it really only works
in a laid back environment like the beach, or by the pool.

So the question for many men is this - How can you tell if a striped shirt is in fact a
'pyjama' striped shirt?  Well if you can easily imagine a matching pair of
pyjama pants, then it is indeed a 'pyjama' striped shirt.

In this photo, the idea od wearing pyjama stripes is being passed down from father to son. 
Unfortunately it won't help dad be more attractive to the women he meets...
and it won't help the son as he gets older either.

This brings us to striped polo shirts... which again doesn't strike a strong primal
chord with women, regardless of how popular or fashionable they might be.
They are simply bright and colourful... a way to get people's attention. 
 But what good is getting people's attention if the next impression
they get of you is that you don't look very masculine? 

The photo above highlights the fate that befalls men who wear colourful striped polos and 
plaid shorts. The women in their life will tend to regard them more as a girlfriend...
as a bright and colourful accessory to have around the house. How cute!

Finally, this photo shows Allen wearing a very bright Aloha shirt, worn with colourful
plaid shorts.  Meanwhile, Charlie (the Alpha) is dressed in strong solid colours.

So keep in mind that decorating a man in colourful checks and stripes might
make him stand out... but it does nothing to enhance his masculinity!
Here's the real Jon Cryer dressed Alpha Style. What a difference!
It's a Primal Thing.

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