Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Alpha Styling - Image Projection at it's most effective!

Image Projection is a term used by close protection bodyguards to describe the tactic of dressing in a way that looks professional, strong, and capable.
That basically means dressing like an Alpha personality... and it will not only affect the way your Principal (client) sees you... but also the person you're protecting them from.
Examples of what that looks like are often featured in movies and in television shows, and they're easy to spot when you know the 5 parameters of classic Alpha Styling :
  • simple
  • strong
  • and functional
  • with an obvious quality
  • and an understated elegance
Following are some examples from the spy show "Burn Notice"... but before we look at the photos let's review the origin of the 5 parameters.

The role of a man is primarily to be a protector-provider. It's how we are hard-wired to function. And for most of our history, this role has taken the form of being a warrior-hunter.  

Not surprisingly, what a warrior-hunter wears and carries must be :
  • simple (practical)
  • strong (capable)
  • functional (effective).
The last two aspects set a man apart from the other men in his social group, and make him an Alpha personality. The obvious quality shows he has high standards and expectations... and the understated elegance shows that he has an appreciation for subtle detail. 

Now here's the key that puts it all together. We (humans) are hard-wired to respond from a primal level to those characteristics.  They make a statement.  They say "Here is someone who looks strong and confident... someone worthy of respect... someone I should take seriously."

So let's have a look at a few images of actor Jeffrey Donovan from the show Burn Notice... starting with his sunglasses, which should never be overly big or flashy.  So choose a metal or plastic frame that's small-to-medium in size, with quality lenses.  It's a statement that you're serious and focused.

Shirts : a quality cotton shirt usually has a slight sheen (because of the tight weave).

Pants (below) : a quality cotton or fine wool trouser will also have a slight sheen.

Suits (below) : classic styling - solid colours - obvious quality - understated elegance.

Casual option : a solid coloured suit jacket can be worn with jeans to create a casual look...
and regardless of fashion trends, make sure your jacket is long enough to cover your butt.
And for a bit of colour and flair, just add a contrasting silk square to the breast pocket.
Belt (below) : make sure it matches your shoes - black with black, brown with brown.

Socks (below) : can match the colour of your shoes, or the colour of your trousers.

Shoes : choose a style that's simple, strong and functional, with an obvious 'edgy' quality. A
solid stitched sole adds extra strength (see photo below). Remember that your shoes are a
statement about your character... and they are something that women always notice.

So in summary, keep in mind that Alpha styling is dressing simple, strong and functional... with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance.  Make those 5 key-points your everyday guidelines.

It's a Primal Thing.

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