Friday, December 19, 2014

Wearing Camouflage to Blend In

I'm not talking military camouflage… but that’s certainly trendy right now. What I’m referring to is clothing that makes a man blend in to his social environment : long baggy-bum shorts, a t-shirt or singlet with a meaningless motif and wording, sneakers or flip-flops, and maybe a cap.

Recently I attended my daughter’s Gymnastics Club Graduation display. Not surprisingly there were lots of parents at the event, but without exception most mums walked in first with the children… followed by the dad some distance behind. So it was obvious who was in charge.

Without exception, the dads wore what most men wear these days… camouflage clothing that allowed them to blend-in with the other men… baggy-bum shorts, a t-shirt or singlet with a meaningless motif and wording, and sneakers or flip-flops. Oh, and most of them had a paunch!

I know for a fact that women don’t find this way of dressing to be sexually attractive, so I asked my wife what wives generally think about their husbands dressing like little boys?

Her response would surprise most husbands : “Most of women are just happy to have a man… someone to father their children… someone to provide for the family. So most of the time they don’t really care how their husbands look.”

(Even celebrities feel the need to blend in)

Unfortunately, when wives do decide that hubby needs to dress a little better… for social occasions or date-nights… it’s natural for them to dress him with a feminine eye, which isn't going to enhance his natural masculinity.

He might look ok… he may even look nice… but if what he’s wearing doesn’t prompt any respect or sexual attraction, it will weaken his currency (value) as a man, and as a husband.

That’s a shame because it’s easy to maximise any man’s attraction-factor with ALPHA STYLING.

But you have be prepared to NOT wear camouflage… to STAND OUT from the crowd. And for many men that can seem a bit risky “What if my friends and family make fun of me dressing differently?”

Well that’s where STRENGTH OF CHARACTER comes into play.

If your friends, family or co-workers start to make little jokes about you dressing more ALPHA, it means that they’re worried that you might upset the status quo… that you might become more popular and more respected than they are. And they obviously don’t want that… even if you do!

So expect that sort of thing to happen. And if it does, regard it as a sign you’re doing something right.

It’s a Primal Thing.

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  1. Ever seen the Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction, where Jackson and Travolta characters are standing in this guys [Tarantino cameo] back yard and they were wearing his baggy-ass shorts and motif tee-shirts because their usual clothes had to be thrown away.

    The Tarantino character says to both of them, "You look like a pair of dicks"

    Laughed my arse off, but so true!