Friday, November 21, 2014

I don't need to change - I've already got a woman!

I laughed when I first read the wisdom in this comic from 'Ink On The Side', because it highlights that the guy is thinking 'short term', and the girl is thinking 'long term'.
He wants to get her out of her clothes... she wants to get him into some decent clothes. He's thinking about the next couple of hours... she's thinking about the next couple of years.
Most men simply don't realise that women often see a boyfriend or a husband as a long term restoration project... something to gradually change and improve.
Men on the other hand, tend to think that if the way they look was good enough to get the attention of a women, then it's obviously working, and there's no need to change anything.
But the cold hard fact is that most women have to ignore what most men wear these days, because it's not actually attractive. However they generally won't tell the guy, because they don't want to risk it having a negative affect on their relationship.
The photo above is an example of what I mean about men not looking attractive. There's nothing sexy about what any of those guys are wearing. It's all too baggy, and they look like little boys. 
But women will often see a glimmer of potential in the guy, and take him on in the hope that she will be able to whip him into shape. Meanwhile, the guy thinks there's nothing wrong with the way he dresses, and doesn't want to change a thing. 
This approach doesn't work very well for men (in the long term)... especially if they expect to have regular sex with their partner for years to come.
If you want sex, then you have to look sexy... you have to trigger sexual attraction by sending primal signals about your masculinity
The root of the problem is that men tend to dress like other men.... or at least like the other men in their social group. It's a primal need to fit-in and be accepted by the other hunter-warriors in the tribe.
Take the photo of Leonardo DiCaprio above... he's dressed like most average men his age.
However most women would find the guy in the photo below much nicer to look at. He's wearing a fitted shirt that highlights his chest and shoulders... his shorts are fitted in the crotch and butt, and show a bit of leg... and his shoes are leather (not sneakers).
So if you want to maximise your attraction-factor... if you want to increase the number of potential mates that you can choose from... then you need to ignore much of what the other men in your group are wearing, and express your own version of Alpha Styling : 
  • take a minimalist approach (very little decoration)
  • highlight your best physical features (shoulders, chest, butt)
  • use dark or solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe
  • make sure that every item you wear is simple, strong, and functional.
Finally, keep in mind that the more 'Alpha' you look, the more your partner's status raises in her social group. It shows the other women that she can attract a man who is a cut above the rest. 
I mention this because sometimes a wife or girlfriend might get a bit anxious when her man starts dressing in a more masculine way.... because he might start attracting attention from other women.
But it's a win-win situation... everyone will benefit from you expressing your own Alpha Styling! 
It's a Primal Thing.

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  1. Baggy shorts... I've burned all of mine, they make you invisible to women.