Monday, October 6, 2014

Alpha-Styling is a State of Mind

Will you look as good as Tom Selleck when you're 69? Will the way you look and walk and talk prompt respect and admiration from people?

It's not that hard to achieve, because it's really just a state of mind... an Alpha state of mind
To start with, here's how to dress the way Tom and every other Alpha personality does : 
  • firstly, take a minimalist approach
  • always highlight your best masculine features
  • use dark or solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe
  • make sure that every item you wear is simple, strong, and functional.

The photo above highlights what kind of look that those four points create... but let's look at some of the things that might stop you from dressing in that way.

To begin with there's your own self image. If you didn't grow up with examples of Alpha-styling from the men around you, then you might find it challenging to initially adopt this way of dressing. In fact you may well feel that it's "Just not me."

So if that's the case, keep in mind that how you present yourself to the world has slowly but constantly been changing... and it will continue to change over time. The way you dress now is probably very different from the way you dressed as a young teenager... and no doubt you'll change your style again and again as you get older. 

The trick is to take charge of that change... and not blindly follow what the other men in your group are wearing. This is especially important because they probably don't know why they're wearing what they wear. 

But I can tell you from experience that it's either because it's what the other men of their age are wearing, or because a celebrity footballer is wearing it, or because it's a new fashion trend.

This brings us to the human pack mentality. Throughout history men have needed the support of other men to hunt and to fight. So it's not surprising that most men feel compelled to fit-in with what the other men in the tribe (or social group) are doing.

But can you imagine what an Alpha personality like Tom Selleck would look like if he was to wear the same thing as the men in their late 60's that you know, or see walking the streets? He wouldn't create the same kind of strong positive impression would he?

Another part of that pack mentality is the natural pecking order in your social group. Regardless of whether the other men in your group are family members, friends or co-workers, some of them will instinctively try to stop you from rising up the pecking order.

In other words, don't expect everyone in your group to support you in your efforts to increase your status by adopting your own expression of Alpha-styling.

These attempts to stop you will often come in the form of a joke... a funny put-down. But make no mistake, the intent of these put-downs (commonly called shit-tests) is to stop you from becoming more popular, or more respected, or more attractive to the women in the group.

The best defence in these situations is to smile confidently and turn the joke around on them. For example "I should have left you in the boot of my car." People will generally laugh at a response like that, and you should walk away at that point so that you finish the exchange with a 'win.'

Finally, let's look at how an Alpha personality thinks, because it highlights their state of mind :

  • they are someone who knows their direction in life - or at least their direction right now
  • they believe what they’re doing is worthwhile - which shows confidence and character
  • they’re aware of their strengths and weaknesses - so they're not looking for approval. 

If you continue to talk about your life in those terms, 
it will become a habit - an Alpha state of mind.

It's a Primal Thing.


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