Sunday, September 28, 2014

Timing is Important

The Suunto watch above is a quality timepiece… the kind that McCall (Denzel Washington) wears in the movie 'The Equalizer.' 

McCall is a retired intelligence officer who believes he has put his special forces past behind him to live a quiet life. However he comes out of retirement to help people who have nowhere else to turn. They call him The Equalizer.

I know a number of Close Protection Operatives (bodyguards) who regard wearing a Suunto watch to be essential.... because split-second timing is important to security professionals.

But is it the right watch for you?  And if not, what would be?  I'd recommend classic Alpha Styling like the watch below.. especially if you want women to be impressed by your choice.

To find out what you might take into consideration when choosing an Alpha Style watch for yourself, click on to this link to the  International Close Quarters Protection Operators Association :

And to watch a trailer of The Equalizer click on this link :

It's a Primal Thing.

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