Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sliding Scale for Polo Shirts

To help men understand how they can maximise their attraction factor, here's a breakdown of how your wife or girlfriend probably sees the polo shirts you wear when you go out with her.

It's actually the same as the sliding scale for shoes.... because that scale can be used to assess any item of clothing you wear.

To highlight what I mean, I asked a few women to rate at the photo above out of 10?  The shorts scored a 1 (bad)... the polo shirt scored a 2 (not good)... but his face scored a 4.

In short, the model makes the outfit look acceptable - at least at first glance. But once the ladies were finished looking at his face and body, they noticed what he was actually wearing, and they were not impressed at all.

1.  So if your wife or girlfriend says "That polo looks OK" –  she means that it's basically a non-event, and you should go and change.

2.  If she says "That polo looks NICE" – she means it looks fine... but it doesn't really make you look attractive in any way... so you basically wasted your money buying that one.

3.  If she says "That polo looks GOOD" – it means that you’re on the right track, but you need to try a little harder.

4.  If she says "That polo looks GREAT" – it means that you have maximised your attraction factor, and you’ve got her complete attention. So go out and buy another one or two just like that.

So always highlight your best masculine features
Use dark or solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe
Make sure that every item you wear is simple, strong, and functional.

For polo shirts, avoid large logos, and remember that it's less about the brand,
and more about the fit and the quality of the fabric.

It's a Primal Thing.


  1. Yep,... the devil is in the detail. There are no single 'magic bullets' that attract the female eye, you have to sweat the details like this. ALL of the details.

    And there are no short-cuts or "she'll be rights". Being slack like that will turn you into a boring non-event and will make you feel like 'chopped liver' when its the 'other guy' who has the ladies (plural) attention.

    I think we all know how crushing that feels...

    Great post as usual.

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