Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Strong and Edgy Look for Summer

For those of you who live south of the equator, a cool fresh look for men can be created by wearing natural colours… like a white shirt with sand or camel coloured pants.

A stronger look is often created by wearing a dark blue shirt or polo with sand pants. However you can create a stronger and slightly more edgy look by wearing a black shirt or polo with sand pants.

Hollywood actor Jonah Hill (photo above) has managed to maximise his attraction-factor by wearing the black and sand combination. And to top it off, his watch, sunglasses and hair-cut all express the masculine basics of Alpha-styling : simple, strong, and functional.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, you might consider reversing the colour combination by wearing black pants or jeans with a black shirt and a camel jacket.

Finally, although it's trendy right now to wear sneakers with just about anything, you'll make a stronger impression if you wear leather shoes or leather sandals.

You have the option of either black or brown... but try to wear something strong and edgy. Here's a link to my post on understanding the Sliding Scale of Men's Shoes :

It's a Primal Thing.

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