Saturday, August 2, 2014

Not sure where to start with your Alpha Styling?

Well there are three easy steps to developing your own expression of the concept. First choose a part of your life to focus on : work ; social life ; or dating. Second, write down what you generally like to wear in that situation. For example, on a date you might wear a shirt, pants, a belt, and shoes. Or maybe you prefer a t-shirt, jeans and jacket.
Whatever you wear, make a list of each item… and even include accessories like your wallet, watch and sunglasses.
The third step involves assessing each item against the 5 basic parameters of Alpha Styling
  1. Is it simple - with no unnecessary or useless features?
  2. Is it strong - with no unnecessary decoration or artwork?
  3. Is it functional – does it serve a purpose to have it with you?
  4. Does it have an obvious quality – not look cheap and nasty?
  5. Does it have an understated elegance, and look well made?
If it fits most of these criteria, then great, wear it. But if it doesn't, then make plans to replace it with something that does... because it's probably not working for you in the way you thought.

Also, focus on dark and solid colours being the foundation of your wardrobe... and buy items that fit you well in all the 'masculine' areas : chest, butt and crotch. 

From time to time this will mean that you’ll have to avoid popular fashion trends. That can be hard, especially when all your friends are wearing the latest trend… regardless of how unattractive it makes them look to women.
Baggy-bum pants is just one example… and another is dressing in extra long baggy shorts, looking like a lost little boy. These trends do nothing to attract women at a primal level.
And that’s the irony of trying to dress in a way that maximises your primal attraction factor. Men tend to dress to fit-in and be accepted by the other men in their social group. But below the concept of ‘mateship’, keep in mind that the other men don’t actually want you to be more attractive than they are… because it will mean that they have fewer potential sexual partners to choose from.
It’s all part of the primal ‘pack’ mentality… so don’t expect that all your friends will be supportive of you rising up in the pecking order of your social group.
So stay committed. Remember that an Alpha personality is someone who knows their direction in life - or at least their direction right now. They believe that what they’re doing is worthwhile - which shows their confidence and character. And they’re aware of their strengths and weaknesses - so they're not looking for anyone's approval.

It’s a Primal Thing.