Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tips on Image Projection

Professional bodyguards know the value of dressing in a way that looks strong and stylish. Their business depends on it. Here’s a link to a series of blog posts that outline their approach to the tactic of Image Projection. It’s a sense of style that crosses over easily into the CORPORATE SECTOR :

 It's a Primal Thing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Sliding Scale for Men's Shoes

To help men understand how they can maximise their attraction factor, here is a breakdown of how your wife or girlfriend probably sees the shoes you wear when you go out with her :
  1. If she says Those shoes are OK  it means that your shoes are basically a non-event… you may as well just wear socks and leave those shoes at home.
  2. If she says Those shoes are NICE – it means they look fine… but they don't really make an impression... so you basically wasted your money buying those.
  3. If she says Those shoes are GOOD – it means you’re on the right track… you nearly held my attention with those... but try a little harder.
  4. If she says Those shoes are GREAT – it means that you have maximised your attraction factor, and you’ve got my complete attention. The black ray-skin shoes in the photo above would be an example of this category. They look masculine, strong and edgy... which infers that you are something out of the ordinary... and that offers the possibility of excitement.

And by the way, any male friends or co-workers who tell that they don’t care what a woman thinks about their shoes (or anything else they wear) are probably lying. The truth is more likely that they thought they were dressing 'Ok', and finding out that they could-and-should do better is just too hard to even think about. So they pretend that they don't really care! 

But we are all hard-wired to want to be seen as attractive by potential sexual partners. It's part of the three primal values that influence how we all dress. Basically, men and women dress :
  1. to fit-in and be accepted by our social group
  2. to stand out and raise our status within the group
  3. to be sexually attractive to potential mates within the group.

It’s interesting to note that men are more inclined to be influenced by #1 and #2… while women are more inclined to be influenced by #2 and #3.

Put another way, men are more inclined to want to fit-in with what the other men in their social group are wearing... but at the same time they want to stand out in a way that makes them a bit different.

The red belt buckle worn by FBI Agent Seeley Booth in the TV series 'Bones' (photo below) is an example. His grey suit, white shirt and black tie are worn to fit in with the FBI's dress standards...   but his 'Cocky' red buckle is a statement of his individuality... and he's proud of it. 

Men are hard-wired to fit-in with what the other men in the group (tribe) are wearing, because historically men need the help and support of other men to hunt for food, or to fight for survival.

But when it comes to attracting a sexual partner, dressing to please the other men is not going to maximise our attraction-factor to women.

So keep in mind that women notice men's shoes... because like everything else you wear, your shoes make a statement about your strength, your individuality, and your confidence.

In short, they make a statement about what sort of man you are. So don't bother buying shoes that are boring and comfy... buy shoes that are masculine, strong, and comfy.

It's a Primal Thing.