Thursday, April 10, 2014

Town & Country Series - Image Projection in Business

Every social group has it's own set of values... and those values are expressed in the way that group dresses. For example the photo above features Bob Katter and Clive Palmer wearing the uniform of big business... dark suit, white shirt, red tie
But that's not what they usually wear when they're visiting voters in rural communities. In those situations they dress in a way that expresses rural values.... hat, loose shirt, dark tie and jeans. 
It's obvious that the two styles of dress are quite different... but there is a way of dressing that crosses over between the two. It's called Alpha Styling, and it's based on a set of primal values that are respected everywhere.
The concept can be summed up in one short sentence : Simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance.
Those five traits are distinctly masculine, but they are also recognised in the corporate sector. So when you dress this way for business, you're demonstrating that these are your values :
  • simple - which shows you’re practical in your approach
  • strong – which shows you’re capable of getting the job done
  • functional – which shows you’re effective in what you do
  • with an obvious quality – which shows you have high standards
  • and an understated elegance – which shows you give attention to detail.
 Finally, here's a summary to highlight what that all means when dressing for business :
  • Suit - if you think you need a suit, choose a dark solid colour (dark blue or charcoal). But if you prefer a stripe or pattern, choose something that's subtle. A super fine merino wool suit would not only look stylish, it will travel well and resist crumpling.
  • Boots - brown is popular, but black is the best colour for doing business in the city.
  • Pants - ensure that your pants fit you well in the bum, and in the crotch too if possible. And the length shouldn't be too short, or too long. This attention to detail is important.
  • Belt - for business in the city choose a dress belt that matches the colour or leather of your boots... and make sure it has a business buckle (not a casual jeans buckle).
  • Shirt - solid colours will create a stronger image... even a good quality white shirt can look strong. But if you prefer stripes or checks, go for thin stripes and small checks because they look a little more solid from a distance. And keep in mind that pale coloured shirts can make you look washed out, unless you're wearing a jacket.
  • Tie - if you wear a quality shirt and a quality jacket, you often won't need to wear a tie at all. But if you need to, pick a pattern that includes the colours of your shirt and your jacket... and one or two other feature colours. If you prefer striped or checked shirts, wear a plain tie, or one with a very discrete pattern.
  • Jacket - a solid colour is the most versatile choice, but if you prefer a patterned fabric, choose something subtle. Either way, the key is to always look strong in what you wear.
It's a Primal Thing.


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