Friday, April 11, 2014

Town & Country Series - Alpha Styling in Relationships

It might surprise you to learn that the five parameters of Alpha Styling that are applied to business can also work to maximise your attraction factor in your relationships... regardless of whether you're married or single.
It all comes down to dressing in a way that's : simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance.
Shirts shouldn't be too baggy, and the fit should highlight your shoulders and chest. Strong solid colours create a distinctly masculine look... but fine stripes and fine checks can also work too, especially under a jacket or a pull-over.
Tablecloth check shirts (see below) are popular these days, but the best they can look is 'nice.' And looking 'nice' isn't much use when you're trying to maximise your primal attraction factor. You want to look strong and masculine, not like a pretty tablecloth.
Pants should fit you well in the bum and the crotch (see both photos above). And when it comes to footwear, consider wearing something a bit out of the ordinary, like the boots below. Other options would include boots made from snake-shin, crocodile, or even ostrich.
Remember that women notice footwear... and an interesting boot suggests an interesting man!
At any social event you'll be competing with all the other men for the attention of available single ladies.... and something as simple as an unusual boot can set you apart from the rest of the herd.
Finally, keep in mind that if a lady is attracted to you, she will want to admire as much of your masculine form as she can see... just as you like to admire her feminine form. It's perfectly natural... so dress like the best sex object you can be.
Regardless of whether you're married or single, it pays to dress to impress from a primal level. Wear dark and solid colours... avoid items with excess decoration or unnecessary features... and highlight your best physical features. Polo players dress like that... and the ladies just love it.
It's a Primal Thing.

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