Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You will be Judged - It's a Primal Thing!

At a primal level we are hard-wired to make snap decisions when meeting a stranger. It’s a survival trait. We need to determine if they are friend, or foe?  Or if they are simply an idiot whose actions might accidentally be a threat to our survival? 

Either way, we want to get some idea of who and what they are!

So the point to keep in mind about the way you dress is that your personal expression has a lot to do with the people and events that influenced you as you grew up. But you’re the only one who had that unique mix of experiences… so other people aren’t necessarily going to appreciate your sense of style in the same way that you do.

This is especially true in business… and it doesn’t matter if you’re a tradie or an executive… the way you dress will have an effect on how people perceive the product or service you’re offering.

So it makes sense to take a primal approach… to dress in a way that people will respond positively towards… to dress like an Alpha personality.

t’s a concept that can be expressed in a wide variety of ways, depending on your role or function, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Dress in a way that’s :
  • simple  - which shows you’re practical in your approach
  • strong – which shows you’re capable of getting the job done
  • functional – which shows you’re effective in what you do
  • with an obvious quality – which shows you have high standards
  • and an understated elegance – which shows you give attention to detail.
It’s aPrimal Thing.


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