Friday, March 21, 2014

Maximise your Attraction Factor

(Photo by John Balsom)
 The photo above is of David Gandy from the winter issue of Man Of The World Magazine. The image is classic Alpha Styling : simple, strong and functional ; with an obvious quality ; and an understated elegance.
And the attitude to life that the image portrays is universally attractive. It says :
  • this is someone who knows their direction in life - or at least their direction right now
  • they believe what they’re doing is worthwhile - and that shows confidence and character
  • they’re aware of their strengths and weaknesses - so they're not looking for approval.
So if you dress in your own expression of Alpha Styling, and talk about your life in the terms listed above, you are guaranteed to maximise your attraction factor.
It's a Primal Thing. 

 Click on this link for insight into the 3 primal factors that determine how men and woman dress:

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