Monday, March 10, 2014

It's a Primal Game - and you can get off the field!

Have you ever heard Gotye’s song “Somebody That I Used To Know.” It’s about the aftermath of a break-up… and here are some of the lyrics :  
"You didn't have to cut me off… Make out like it never happened, and that we were nothing… And I don't even need your love… But you treat me like a stranger, and that feels so rough."
In my past I have experienced that sort of complete rejection myself. But at the time I didn’t understand that it was all part of The Primal Game…. which is a very impersonal game... Nature's way of ensuring the survival of our species!
What it came down to was this - I didn’t want to get married, but my girlfriend at the time did. So I was told that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere… that her biological clock was ticking… and so I was told to get off the playing field.
In short, she wanted to find a potential life-partner asap… and it obviously wasn’t going to be me!
What shocked me at the time was that the friendship that I thought we had was not valued in any way at all.  Why not?  Because at a primal level a woman doesn’t need man-friends in her life. First and foremost she wants a protector/provider to help with the family she plans to have.
Even when I did eventually get engaged to be married, a few single ladies who I had been friends with for years no longer wanted to catch up for a coffee with me anymore. Why not? Because I was officially ‘off the shelf’, and no longer an option to keep in mind if they couldn’t find anyone to marry.
Unfortunately most guys don’t understand this primal drive to find a protector/provider... and so they’re often shocked and upset at being treated as though it never happened... that we were nothing… and we're treated like a stranger, and that feels so rough! :)
Ironically though, it worked out very well for Gotye. He won a swag of awards for his song.
To watch the film clip of “Somebody That I Used To Know”, click on this link: *(4mins) 
It's a Primal Thing.

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