Monday, November 25, 2013

Be Careful when you Copy a Celebrity

When I first saw this photo of Robert Downey Jr, I thought it was a great combination of coat, shirt and tie. But then I realised that his confident nature (and the background colour) was actually enhancing what he was wearing. So I used my hand to cover his face... and suddenly his outfit wasn't so impressive. In fact I thought it looked rather ordinary. Try it yourself now.....

After doing that, it occurred to me that a lot of people (men and women) probably copy what their favourite celebrity is wearing, thinking that they will look impressive too... when in fact it's the celebrity's public image that goes a long way to making the outfit look better than it actually is.

In other words, people aren't going to see what you're wearing in the same way that you remember that outfit on one of your favourite celebrities. They can wear whatever they want, because even when they dress in something 'unusual' they still attract publicity.

You, on the other hand, might just end up looking a bit strange, or just plain ordinary !? 

Keep in mind that dressing like a particular celebrity will never make you as popular as they are... or as attractive... so be careful when you copy what they wear.

To make a positive impression it's more economical to just stick to the basics of Alpha styling :

Avoid excess decoration
Highlight your best physical features
Use dark and solid colours as your foundation.
Choose items that are simple, strong, and functional.

It's a Primal Thing.

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