Sunday, July 7, 2013

A 'Base Line' for Judging Fashion Trends

"NEVER WEAR DEMIN-ON-DENIM" - said no woman EVER to any manly man! 
Wearing denim-on-denim (denim shirt or jacket with denim jeans) is a fashion trend that we should avoid... or so we're told. But there's no good reason why... and it's certainly not a trend that rodeo riders or cowboys pay any attention to.
We’re naturally attracted to fashion trends because we’re either : following what everyone else in our social group is wearing ; or we’re looking for an advantage that most other people haven’t picked up on (yet).
But fashion trends come and go. It’s what drives the fashion industry. And that’s why designers are constantly looking for new ideas. Any idea will do… even a re-hashed old idea can become the latest trend.
And that’s the pitfall of blindly following fashion trends… you can end being a FASHION VICTIM, simply because you followed a trend that made you look feminine, or like a lost little boy.
What men need is a BASE LINE that allows them to judge fashion trends… and here’s a simple one :  SIMPLE, STRONG & FUNCTIONAL = a MASCULINE look.
Those three words (simple, strong, functional) express desirable character traits in a man. And when everything you wear expresses those traits, you make a subtle yet powerful statement about your masculinity :
  • so avoid clothes with excess decoration
  • ensure the fit highlights your best features
  • use dark and solid colours as your foundation.

It’s a Primal Thing.