Thursday, June 6, 2013

How Women See Men’s Swimwear

Summer is coming for all the readers in the Northern Hemisphere, so here's a collection of insights from the ‘It's a Primal Thing’ Facebook page :

In regard to wearing Speedos, if a woman likes the look of you – your physique, your face – then she’s usually happy to see as much of you as she can. But if she isn’t attracted to you, then she won’t want to see all the finer (masculine) details that wearing a pair of Speedos has to offer.

Euro Trunks and short Classic Trunks (see photo above) are certainly options worth considering. They aren’t as ‘in-ya-face’ as Speedos, but they still expose the legs and highlight the butt… which is exactly what most men find attractive about women’s swimwear.

Most women put a lot of thought into the swimwear they buy... the fit, the colour, the pattern, all have to be considered. It’s a very important process because the garment has to make her look attractive, and highlight her best physical features.
However men don’t always appreciate the selection process. In fact they can often look past the garment and focus on the features being highlighted. And that can lead to statements like “Bikini? What new bikini? Oh I see. Yes it’s very nice darling.”

Men on the other hand have a very different selection process. They tend to be influenced by what the other men in their social group are wearing… which can sometimes lead to them looking less attractive than they could be.

Unfortunately you won’t find many women who say “Oh look, my man is wearing the same ridiculously long baggy board shorts that every other guy on the beach is wearing. Whoopee!"

So remember - when most women see an attractive guy wearing long brightly coloured board shorts, they don't focus on the shorts. First they'll look at his chest, shoulders and arms... then his face... then they'll probably think to themselves "Those damn baggy shorts are stopping me from getting a good look at his legs and his butt."

It's a Primal Thing.

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