Thursday, May 30, 2013

Star Trek Alpha

I recently gave a talk on the concept of Image Projection - which is a term to describe the way we present ourselves at work, at home, and socially. 

As part of that talk I highlighted that it’s common these days for people to think that the rest of the world should simply accept them for who they are… regardless of how they might look or dress. And I added that although it’s a very noble aspiration  – like a Directive from  Star Fleet – it’s not actually what happens in everyday life.

We [humans] have been living in tribes for hundreds of thousands of years... and civilisation as we know it is only around ten thousand years old… which makes the idea of being accepted for who you are, regardless of how you look or dress, about ten minutes old.

So it’s not surprising that on an unconscious level we still have tribal instincts… and as such we’re often fearful of strangers… especially those people from other tribes who dress in a way we don’t understand.

I was thinking about that behaviour the other day, and I just happened to catch an old episode of Star Trek Voyager on tv.  What immediately struck me was that all the Officers were dressed in Alpha Style clothing… well-fitted uniforms, in strong solid colours, and with no excess decoration.

The look was simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance.

But then I saw Neelix (above)… who is the cook on Voyager.  He’s a really nice guy - everybody’s friend. But he’s obviously not an Alpha personality... you can tell that by the way he’s dressed.

In the photo above he’s wearing a coat that looks like it was made from from a lounge chair. And in the photo below that he’s wearing a coat that looks like it was made from a tablecloth.

Both garments have very nice patterns and colours... but they don't say 'strength and confidence'. And they're not something the rest of the crew would ever consider wearing, because it just wouldn’t create the same sense of authority.

So the point to understand is that examples of Alpha Styling are everywhere, even in outer space. 

Finally, I think it’s also important to note that Alpha females with a high sexual currency like  
Seven-of-Nine (above) are not attracted to ‘super nice guys’ like Neelix.
To her (in Borg terms) "They are irrelevant!"  Why?  Because sexual attraction has nothing to do with 'niceness'... it's a hard-wired primal response.  If you send the right 'Alpha' signals with the way you dress, your body language, and what you say... then you will trigger an attraction response.

It's a Primal Thing.

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