Friday, August 31, 2012

Is the fit right - or have you gone about it all half-arsed?

It's something that most women instinctively know how to do, but most men get it wrong these days.  It's simple really... your jeans and pants and shorts should always complement your butt.

Why?  Well it's a primal thing.  We (humans) like the look of a nice butt.  It's a sign of a body that's healthy and active.  And for most of our history, human beings have had to be healthy and active in order to survive.

In short, a nice butt is a primal survival characteristic... and we're hard-wired to be attracted to it !  

But because it happens to be 'trendy' for men not to wear jeans that fit well, most of them wear jeans that are either baggy in the bum, or have long low pockets that distort their natural shape.

Just take a look at the photo above.  The woman's jeans feature the classic jean pockets that complement the fullness of her butt. 

Now look at the long trendy pockets on the men's jeans below. They break-up the natural line and create a droopy-bum look that's reminiscent of an old man's butt *(with no muscle definition).

Need I point out which style-and-fit prompts an automatic primal attraction?! 

Interestingly, in contrast to what trendy city dwellers wear, most cowboys prefer jeans that are a snug fit in the bum and crotch and legs.  Obviously it's just the most practical thing to do from their perspective... and the ladies certainly seem to appreciate it.

So why do so many young men insist on wearing the sagging look (photo below), baggy bum jeans, or extra long shorts that make them look like a little boy?

Well the answer is two-part.  First we have the 'rebellious' attitude that all teenagers go through.  They want to show that they're different than the generations that came before them... and so they adopt ways of dress that can be drastically different from the staus quo. 

This adolescent fashion trend can then become a 'tribal' uniform that is adopted by a social sub-group, and carry over to men in their late 20's (and even older).

This brings us to the second psychological factor... the principles that influence the way we dress :
  • to fit-in and be accepted by the group 
  • to be different in some way to raise our status in the group
  • and to be sexually attractive to potential mates within the group.

However the cold hard fact is that very few woman like the sagging look on men, or long baggy shorts that makes their man look like a little boy.  At a primal level there's actually no reason that they should.  They're hard-wired to be attracted to a warrior-hunter, not a little boy who can't even run because his pants will fall down. 

But most women are reluctant to speak up.  Why?  Because they're worried that they might push their man away, or cause friction within the relationship.  So they quite often just put up with the way he dresses - in the hope that one day he'll eventually grow out of it !

However things could change over night if women were willing to take the risk and say "I love you honey, but lose the 'sagging' look and the long baggy-bum shorts, or you can sleep by yourself from now on."

Fitting-in with a group, and having status within the group, are socially important factors to men... but they pale in comparison to man's primal need to attract a mate and procreate.

So the question is this "Is the fit of your jeans right - or have you gone about it all half-arsed, simply because that's what all the other guys are doing?"

It's a Primal Thing.

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