Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dress like a Man - not like Manchester

The photo above is of Cuban-American rapper Armondo Perez (aka Pitbull).  His style of dress is very different from most other rappers, and he has an incredibly large female following. 

That's no surprise really... Pitbull dresses in a way that is universally recognised as being manly.  He doesn't wear a cap sideways on his head, or baggy-bum jeans that show half his underwear. 

Instead he wears clothes that highlight his shoulders, chest, crotch, bum and thighs... all the physical features that women are hard-wired to admire in a man.  It's a primal thing

Pitbull dresses in a way that  highlights he's an Alpha personality.  What he wears is always : simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance. 

This is very different to the current fashions for men, which are very highly decorated and often have unnecessary features (extra buttons, straps and buckles that don't serve any real purpose).

These unnecessary features are simply decoration... which is a feminine trait.  And while a man might wear a splash of colour here and there (as Pitbull often does), using decoration to attract attention from the opposite sex doesn't actually send the right primal message.

But a lot of women will say that they like a man who wears up-to-date fashion.  And I'm sure they do, but only because he becomes another decoration in her life.  He becomes something pretty to have around the house... like nice curtains, a nice lounge, and nice cushions

But a man isn't supposed to look (or act) like a piece of manchester.  His primal role is that of a warrior-hunter... or to put that in more modern terms, a protector-provider

To do that effectively... to prompt respect from other man and be attractive to women... he has to demonstrate that he's more than just mere decoration.  He has to show that he has the character traits necessary to fulfill his primal role.

So in summary :  Avoid fashion trends that have you looking like you're part of the furnishings. Dress like a manly man... an Alpha personality :
  • simple... which shows you're practical in your approach
  • strong... which shows that you're capable of getting the job done
  • functional... which shows that you're effective in everything you do.
And that basically translates as dressing like this :  
  • avoid clothes with excess decorations or unnecessary features
  • wear form-fitting clothes that highlight your masculine features
  • and preferably in dark or solid colours.

It's a Primal Thing.

For insights into the Pitfalls of Popular Fashion, click on the link below :

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