Saturday, March 3, 2012

Popular Fashion won't make you Popular

The photo above is of actor Zach Braff from the movie 'Garden State', and I think it's a great shot because it epitomizes what happens to most people when they wear popular fashion.  Rather than stand out and look 'trendy', they just fade into the social background.

The recent trends in men's fashion have created something I call 'The Token Male'.  I came up with that title because a lot of features are just token features.  In other words they don't actually do much... it's just a token representation.  Some examples would be :

  • token buttons with no corresponding button-holes
  • token buckles and straps that aren't actually functional
  • token pockets that aren't big enough to be functional pockets
  • token collars that aren't big enough to be functional men's collars
  • and token epaulettes that aren't big enough to be functional epaulettes.

All of these token features are in fact 'decoration'... and decoration is a feminine trait.  So when a man wears several feminine fashion features together, it's going to weaken his masculine image... which means that other men won't have much respect for him (as a man).

Some women might think that a man looks 'nice' or 'cute' wearing  bright patterned fabrics and token features... but that doesn't mean that they're attracted by the look.

All it means is that you got their attention for a brief moment... but if there's nothing more to hold their attention (something masculine and attractive), then they'll quickly move on to the next pretty picture in the room.

Now I know that there are lots of people out there (men and women) who like to say that they don't care what other people think about how they dress.  But that's often not the whole truth.

We (humans) are hard-wired to have a 'pack' mentality... so at some level we do care what other people think... especially as our day-to-day lives depend on interacting with so many different kinds of people : bus drivers ; co-workers ; sales people, and so on.  We rely on them to accept us!

So if you don't want to play the 'fashion trend' game... or if you don't want to follow the status quo... there is one approach that will not only stand out as being different, it's something that can is respected across all age-groups and cultures.

It's your own personal expression of the primal masculine traits of a warrior-hunter :
  • simple... which shows that the man is practical in his approach
  • strong... which shows that he's capable of getting the job done
  • functional... which shows that he has a purpose for everything he's wearing.
So if he's wearing pants with lots of extra pockets, it's because he needs extra pockets. And if he's wearing a shirt with epaulettes, it's because he needs epaulettes. And if he wearing a hat, it's because he needs a hat... not because everyone else is wearing one.

It's the fundamental honesty of this approach that people unconsciously admire and respect!

As an example, here's another photo of Zach... but this time he's dressed in a very masculine way : simple ; strong ; and functional.  And it's for that reason that he stands out as being attractive.

 It's a Primal Thing.

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  1. Great analysis and blog! If you see what men are wearing in streets, they eighter look like clowns, transvestites or little boys. Anything but traditional masculinity. Same with the women by the way.
    This is of course just a reflection of deep societal problems, that western culture in general suffers.