Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Primal Fashion Trend

A new fashion trend has emerged for men in recent times, but no one has really noticed. It's what I call Primal Fashion, because unlike previous trends it allows men to wear clothes that highlight every aspect of their masculinity.... everything from tattoos to facial hair, to the shoulders, chest and arms, to the crotch and butt.  The photo of actor Colin Farrell (above) is a good example of the look.

There are other polpular trends though : men wearing low 'drop-crotch' pants ; the 'sagging' look ; and men dressing in overly decorated shirts and pants, which is a feminine trait.  And then there's the 'lost little boy' look... oversized t-shirts and extra long baggy-bum shorts.

On that point of strange fashion trends, I recently read a very interesting book titled 'One Hundred Years of Menswear' by Cally Blackman. And what struck me was that there has always been some strange fashion trends for men. 

They're what I call 'Look at Me" trends... because they are so extreme that people just have to turn and look. The Zoot Suit below is just one example.

Like today, these extreme trends were usually worn by a social sub-group who wanted to rebel against 'establishment'  values.  But in some cases it ended up influencing main-stream fashion.

The photo below of Oxford Baggies is just one example.  What started out as an act of rebellion amongst graduate students at Oxford University, ended up influencing the style of mens trousers over the next three decades.

Another interesting point that I noticed from the photos in the book was that the fashion of almost every era only ever included one or two features that highlight the masculine form.
It's as if the natural primal instincts kept surfacing unconsciously!
Take the photo of a young Marlon Brando below. Although his trousers are a fairly loose cut - not highlighting his legs or crotch - his tight t-shirt highlights his masculine chest and arms.

Below is another example. It's a 1940's suit that emphasizes broad manly shoulders... but once again the pants ensure that the legs, crotch and butt are not emphasized in any way. And the look is clean-cut... civilised... tamed. 

But these days you don't have to look 'tamed.'  In fact you can look a little wild. You can wear a bit of facial hair... as well as clothing that complements every aspect of your masculine form. You can wear shirts that show off your shoulders and chest... and pants and that highlight your crotch, your butt, or your thighs.

Now maybe you're asking yourself why you'd want to bother highlighting all your best masculine features?  After all, you've been doing ok so far.  Or have you?  How do you measure what you haven't got... or what hasn't happened to you yet?

Wouldn't you like to be more respected everywhere you go... or be seen as more attractive? Wouldn't you like to just get better service in shops and restaurants?

No one actually aspires to 'doing ok.'  You settle for 'ok.'  And why?  Because you don't know how to make things better.... or maybe it just seems like hard work.

But it's really not hard at all.  All you need is to have a clear direction. And that direction could be this : to gradually ensure that every item in your wardrobe is distinctly masculine.
In other words, regardless of your career or social group, every item should be :
  • simple... with no unnecessary decoration, pockets, buckles or straps
  • strong... form-fitting, and preferably in dark colours or patterns
  • and functional... wear only what's needed for what you're actually doing.
And to express the styling of an Alpha personality, ensure that each item has :
  • obvious quality... which expresses self-worth, and creates higher status 
  • and an understated elegance... attention to the fit and finer detail (well made).

It's a Primal Thing.


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  2. Hey! Thanks for using the urbandon menswear as your second image. Cheers!