Tuesday, January 3, 2012

But would James Bond wear it?

A friend of mine recently went shopping with his wife to buy himself a few new pieces to add to his wardrobe.  As they were looking through what was available, his wife picked up a shirt and said to him "This is nice."  It was one of those overly decorated shirts that are trendy for men right now -      and it was pink !

In response he simply asked "Yes it's 'nice', but would James Bond wear it?"

She immediately knew what that meant (it was pretty, but not very masculine), and she happily put the shirt back on the rack and moved on.

Although my friend's reference to James Bond might seem a bit 'cliche', it actually hit the nail on the head.  In our western culture James Bond is an icon of masculinity... and you would never see him wearing an overly decorated pink shirt.

And that's the point..... if James Bond wouldn't wear it, then it's not distinctly masculine. 
 Having said that, it's quite common for wives/girlfriends to shop for their man. And because women are naturally drawn to various forms of 'decoration', they will often dress their man in colours and designs that they think will look 'nice.'

But here's the rub. Men aren't supposed to look nice... they're supposed to look masculine. Women might like the look of 'nice', but they're not sexually attracted by it.

In other words, looking 'nice' won't cause a primal stirring in your partner's loins. And looking 'nice' won't prompt respect from other men either.

However looking masculine can easilly achieve both of those things. 

Historically, a man's role is to be a protector-provider... which is an expression of what used to be a warrior-hunterAnd when you dress in a way that expresses the character traits of a strong protector-provider, you send a message that registers on a primal level with both women and men. 

So here's the important point. Throughout your life you've been constantly changing the way you dress. And most of those changes have been caused by peer pressure. But changing now is about you taking control of how you look in the future... and how people will respond to you. 

In the past you may have had one or two compliments from women who thought that what you were wearing looked nice (most men have)... but 'nice' doesn't mean they found you attractive, or respected you as a man. 

But what does prompt attraction and respect is a style of dress that's distinctly masculine - something James Bond would wear -  something simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance

No matter what you do - at home, at work, or at play- those 5 parameters will serve you well :
  • simple... which shows you're practical in your approach
  • strong... which shows you're capable of getting the job done
  • functional... which shows you're effective at the things you do
  • with obvious quality... which shows you have very high standards
  • and understated elegance... which shows you have an eye for subtle detail.
And that basically translates as dressing like this :
  • avoid clothes with excess decorations or unnecessary features
  • wear form-fitting clothes that highlight your best masculine features
  • and the foundation of your wardrobe should be in dark or solid colours.
It's a Primal Thing.

For more insight into the Hero Mytholgy of James Bond, click on the link below :


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