Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a Primal Game... always has been!

If we look at the entire history of the human race, civilisation as we know has only been around for a relatively short time.  And consequently, the male role of warrior-hunter has been around for a lot longer than the more recent role of provider-supporter

And here's the kicker. It doesn't matter whether you like that fact or not. Our brains are hard-wired to play a very primal game.  And the focus of that game is to ensure the survival of our species!

It could be said that the human condition as we know it is divided into 2 aspects : male and female. They are opposites in many ways - so they don't always understand each other's point of view - but together they express the overall nature of the human psyche.

At the very core of our behaviour is a primal drive to find a mate, and procreate.  And to ensure the best possible chance for the survival of our children, we are hard-wired to find the best possible mate.

For men, in the past this would have meant finding a young, healthy and beautiful woman who can physically endure the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.  

Why does she have to be beautiful?  Well she doesn't have to be, but beauty is a survival trait for human beings.... and something we associate more with women than with men.

We love beautiful things.  We love the pleasure we get from looking at them.  And so children who are considered to be beautiful will often receive protection and preferencial treatment from other members of the tribe (or social group).  

For women, a man's physical beauty has never been as important as his ability to be an effective warrior-hunter.  Or to put it in a more modern term : a protector-provider.

A man's primal role is to provide for his family, and protect his family.  And in doing so he gets to pass on his genes, and plays his part in ensuring the survival of the species.

From a woman's perspective, she will instinctively look for a protector-provider to help keep her children safe and healthy.  And that's a long term commitment, so she'll be looking for a mate who's going to stick around for the long haul.

And here's the next kicker - it's nothing personal. Our primal nature is just nature's way of ensuring the survival of our species.  And if you can accept that, then perhaps you won't take it so personally when someone you desire actually chooses someone else. 

Keep in mind that it isn't always about being rich (for men), or beautiful (for women).  It's about primal wants and needs.  Maybe you fulfil those in the person you desire, and maybe you don't... but it's nothing personal. 

At a primal level, both men and women are hard-wired to try and attract the best possible mate they can... the one with the most survival traits... and a compatible body chemistry.

On top of that of course are layered the values and beliefs of our particular tribe (our society). 

Sometimes those values and beliefs harmonise with our primal wants and needs... and sometimes they try to stifle them.  But either way, our primal processes are much older than any society, and are constantly in play (at a subconscious level), every minute of every day. 

So how can we work with that insight to create an advantage for ourselves in life... to attract a mate... or to raise our status within our profession or social group?

Well regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, I recommend that you raise your social standing by developing your natural 'Alpha' potential.  It's something we all have, although it may be suppressed in some small or large way by negative beliefs that you're either not good enough, or don't deserve it.

Unfortunately, as you take steps in this direction, don't be surprised if some of your friends or family aren't very supportive of your quest to develop your natural potential.  Why not?  Because you will upsetting the status quo (the existing pecking order within the group).

Everyone has 'pecking orders' in their life... at work, at home, at the sports club... and any personal development on your part is going to throw a spanner into some of those pecking orders. 

So stay true to yourself.  You have a lot to gain, and nothing to lose.  Remember that an Alpha personality is respected and admired because they have a positive influence on others.  And they are recognised by the way they dress - by the words they speak - and by their actions.

In every way they display a confidence and a capability.  They know where they're going in life, even if it's just achieving a short term goal. They're aware of what's going on around them. They're virtuous, and have an obvious strength of character.  And they understand the game!

It's a Primal Thing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Walk the Walk - the body language of an Alpha personality

Hiroyuki Sanada (photo above) is a Japanese martial artist, swordsman, and actor.  You may have seen him in movies such as Last Samurai, Twilight Samurai, or 47 Ronin.

But the reason I'm bringing him to your attention is because his skill with a Japanese sword offers some of the best examples of Alpha body language.

What is Alpha body language?  Well it's the way an Alpha personality walks and talks... and it's all an expression of their attitude to life.

What's their Alpha attitude?  Well for a start, an Alpha personality (male or female) has a strong sense of who they are, and where they're going.  They understand the game - or at least the game going on around them - and that knowledge gives them a calm and aware state of mind.

They walk with a relaxed balance - never tense. Their shoulders are rolled back in a way that expresses a gentle pride in who they are.  Overall they demonstrate self-control and a calm focus... but they're ready to take action in an instant.

This is why I often recommend that security and military personnel undertake some form of Japanese swordcraft... even if it's just for a short time. 

In fact it's something that can benefit everyone - both men and women.  Let me explain why.....

The postures and techniques make you repeatedly express an Alpha attitude to life.  And that experience strengthens your ability to Walk the Walk.... which is going to have a subtle but profound effect on everyone you come in contact with.

Even the ceremony of sword-craft is a way of practicing an Alpha personality's calm mental focus. 

Most people (including many martial artists) don't fully understand this kind of ceremony.  They usually think it's just a quaint little bow of respect... something you have to do before and after you practice a technique with someone.

But it's actually much more than that.  It's an exercise in adopting a state of mind that will give you the best chance to handle a daunting confrontation.

To understand this you must first understand that any emotional extreme (fear, anger, sadness) will distort how you see a situation... and that's going to distort how you respond. 

In short, any emotion that's experienced in the extreme will affect what you do and what you say.  For example, you could end up being frozen with fear, or blind with rage.

Warriors understand that this lack of emotional control is a dangerous thing... so they train to control themselves... they train to retain a state of mind that is non-emotional

The Japanese call this Mushin, which translates as meaning 'No Mind' - no thought, no emotion.

So when a swordsman bows to his opponent, they are actually switching off how they personally feel at that moment, and adopting a Mushin state of mind.  And they strive to retain that state until the confontation has finished.

Many Alpha personalities have a natural ability to control their emotions. It's something that people used to call 'being cool'... because it seemed like they were cold as ice when they dealt with a problem. 

In other words, nothing seems to phase them - because they can control their emotions! 

You can still see that kind of 'cool' in movies today - expressed by heroes played by the likes of Daniel Craig (James Bond), Liam Neeson (Taken), and of course Hiroyuki Sanada (below).  
To watch a clip from The Last Samurai that demonstrates what a cool Mushin state looks like and moves like, click on this link : *(2mins 17secs)
It's a Primal Thing.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

An interesting insight into what men value these days!

I thought I'd list the top five posts that have attracted interest from around the world.
In order of popularity they include : dressing for success ; swim wear ; 
James Bond ; dressing in a more primal way ; and corporate styling.

Together they form an interesting insight into what men (young and old)
value when it comes to 'image projection' these days!

Alpha Style Interview - Young Men Dressing for Success

Hero's Quest Mythology - James Bond - The Protector

It's a Primal Thing.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Is the fit right - or have you gone about it all half-arsed?

It's something that most women instinctively know how to do, but most men get it wrong these days.  It's simple really... your jeans and pants and shorts should always complement your butt.

Why?  Well it's a primal thing.  We (humans) like the look of a nice butt.  It's a sign of a body that's healthy and active.  And for most of our history, human beings have had to be healthy and active in order to survive.

In short, a nice butt is a primal survival characteristic... and we're hard-wired to be attracted to it !  

But because it happens to be 'trendy' for men not to wear jeans that fit well, most of them wear jeans that are either baggy in the bum, or have long low pockets that distort their natural shape.

Just take a look at the photo above.  The woman's jeans feature the classic jean pockets that complement the fullness of her butt. 

Now look at the long trendy pockets on the men's jeans below. They break-up the natural line and create a droopy-bum look that's reminiscent of an old man's butt *(with no muscle definition).

Need I point out which style-and-fit prompts an automatic primal attraction?! 

Interestingly, in contrast to what trendy city dwellers wear, most cowboys prefer jeans that are a snug fit in the bum and crotch and legs.  Obviously it's just the most practical thing to do from their perspective... and the ladies certainly seem to appreciate it.

So why do so many young men insist on wearing the sagging look (photo below), baggy bum jeans, or extra long shorts that make them look like a little boy?

Well the answer is two-part.  First we have the 'rebellious' attitude that all teenagers go through.  They want to show that they're different than the generations that came before them... and so they adopt ways of dress that can be drastically different from the staus quo. 

This adolescent fashion trend can then become a 'tribal' uniform that is adopted by a social sub-group, and carry over to men in their late 20's (and even older).

This brings us to the second psychological factor... the principles that influence the way we dress :
  • to fit-in and be accepted by the group 
  • to be different in some way to raise our status in the group
  • and to be sexually attractive to potential mates within the group.

However the cold hard fact is that very few woman like the sagging look on men, or long baggy shorts that makes their man look like a little boy.  At a primal level there's actually no reason that they should.  They're hard-wired to be attracted to a warrior-hunter, not a little boy who can't even run because his pants will fall down. 

But most women are reluctant to speak up.  Why?  Because they're worried that they might push their man away, or cause friction within the relationship.  So they quite often just put up with the way he dresses - in the hope that one day he'll eventually grow out of it !

However things could change over night if women were willing to take the risk and say "I love you honey, but lose the 'sagging' look and the long baggy-bum shorts, or you can sleep by yourself from now on."

Fitting-in with a group, and having status within the group, are socially important factors to men... but they pale in comparison to man's primal need to attract a mate and procreate.

So the question is this "Is the fit of your jeans right - or have you gone about it all half-arsed, simply because that's what all the other guys are doing?"

It's a Primal Thing.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alpha Styling for Women - dressing like you mean business

(Erin Burnett - Respected business reporter and interviewer for CNN)

Now I'd like to make it clear from the outset that 'I get it'..... most women don't think that a  man is capable of giving fashion advice to women. They believe men just don't understand the complexities of women's fashion.

But maybe - just maybe - there might be something worthwhile in a man's perspective... especially when it comes to projecting a strong and capable image in a corporate environment.

Have I got you interested?  Ok.... let's start by taking a brief look at something that women and men have in common... the basic psychology behind why we dress the way we do. 

It's simple really. Human beings are hard-wired to dress in a way that allows them to :
  • fit-in and be accepted by the group (whatever the group is) 
  • to be different in some way that raises their status within the group
  • and to be attractive to potential mates that might exist within the group.
Now it's important to appreciate the fact that women and men express these three primal values in very different ways. 

For most men, this means dressing in a way that's simplestrong and functional.  And if they are an Alpha personality, they will wear clothes that have an obvious quality and an understated elegance. A good example of this is the character of James Bond.

Women on the other hand, use decoration to enhance their natural beauty and attractiveness.  And this can take the form of any-or-all of the following techniques :

*  the latest fashion trends
*  hair colour and accessories
*  make-up
*  ear-rings and necklaces
*  watches, bangles and rings
*  handbags with buckles and straps.

For the sake of the men reading this post, I would point out that each woman uses the decoration techniques above in her own particular way... which creates a complex personal expression that can-and-does change from time to time!  As an example, the photo of Erin Burnett below shows a drastic change of image from her usual television presentation.


The challenge for a woman comes when they are expected to balance decoration with the image that employers (and clients) in the corporate sector expect from both women and men.

So what is the image that the corporate sector values? 

They value staff who look like they have : a practical approach to the business ; who are capable and effective in their role ; have high standards of performance ; and an appreciation for the fine detail.

These are the basic character traits of an Alpha personality... and it could be said that they have become the foundation of the corporate uniformIn short, it's a style of dress that is :

1)  simple (practical)
2)  strong (capable)
3)  and functional (effective)
4)  with an obvious quality (high standards)
5)  and an understated elegance (appreciation for detail).

For women, those five parameters could be interpreted as being : 

1)  simple - nothing too frilly or too sexy
2)  strong - use solid colours as your foundation
3)  functional - wear or carry items that are practical for your role
4)  obvious quality - invest in quality fabrics and good craftsmanship
5)  understated elegance - a subtle sophistication and attention to detail.

Finally, keep in mind that dressing for a corporate environment is not about you expressing yourself with the way you dress.  And it’s not about expressing your sexuality either.  It’s about expressing qualities that make the business (and your role) look efficient and professional.
It's a Primal Thing.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dress like a Man - not like Manchester

The photo above is of Cuban-American rapper Armondo Perez (aka Pitbull).  His style of dress is very different from most other rappers, and he has an incredibly large female following. 

That's no surprise really... Pitbull dresses in a way that is universally recognised as being manly.  He doesn't wear a cap sideways on his head, or baggy-bum jeans that show half his underwear. 

Instead he wears clothes that highlight his shoulders, chest, crotch, bum and thighs... all the physical features that women are hard-wired to admire in a man.  It's a primal thing

Pitbull dresses in a way that  highlights he's an Alpha personality.  What he wears is always : simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance. 

This is very different to the current fashions for men, which are very highly decorated and often have unnecessary features (extra buttons, straps and buckles that don't serve any real purpose).

These unnecessary features are simply decoration... which is a feminine trait.  And while a man might wear a splash of colour here and there (as Pitbull often does), using decoration to attract attention from the opposite sex doesn't actually send the right primal message.

But a lot of women will say that they like a man who wears up-to-date fashion.  And I'm sure they do, but only because he becomes another decoration in her life.  He becomes something pretty to have around the house... like nice curtains, a nice lounge, and nice cushions

But a man isn't supposed to look (or act) like a piece of manchester.  His primal role is that of a warrior-hunter... or to put that in more modern terms, a protector-provider

To do that effectively... to prompt respect from other man and be attractive to women... he has to demonstrate that he's more than just mere decoration.  He has to show that he has the character traits necessary to fulfill his primal role.

So in summary :  Avoid fashion trends that have you looking like you're part of the furnishings. Dress like a manly man... an Alpha personality :
  • simple... which shows you're practical in your approach
  • strong... which shows that you're capable of getting the job done
  • functional... which shows that you're effective in everything you do.
And that basically translates as dressing like this :  
  • avoid clothes with excess decorations or unnecessary features
  • wear form-fitting clothes that highlight your masculine features
  • and preferably in dark or solid colours.

It's a Primal Thing.

For insights into the Pitfalls of Popular Fashion, click on the link below :

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why an Alpha Personality looks like a Hard Target!

This cover of GQ Magazine (Korea March 2012) gives three examples of Alpha-style dressing.

Each of the actors is wearing clothing that is simple, strong and functional... dark solid colours, pants that make an obvious statement of masculinity, fitted shirts and jackets, and an overall minimalist approach *(no unnecessary decorations or adornments).

Those attributes are also what makes them look like a hard target on the street... men who are aware and confident... who come across as having a strength and a capability.

Because street predators and petty criminals generally don't want the hassle of dealing with someone who's going to be a difficult mark (victim)... they will often go looking for a softer, easier target.

It's a Primal Thing.

For more insight into 'Looking like a Hard Target', click on the link below :

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Popular Fashion won't make you Popular

The photo above is of actor Zach Braff from the movie 'Garden State', and I think it's a great shot because it epitomizes what happens to most people when they wear popular fashion.  Rather than stand out and look 'trendy', they just fade into the social background.

The recent trends in men's fashion have created something I call 'The Token Male'.  I came up with that title because a lot of features are just token features.  In other words they don't actually do much... it's just a token representation.  Some examples would be :

  • token buttons with no corresponding button-holes
  • token buckles and straps that aren't actually functional
  • token pockets that aren't big enough to be functional pockets
  • token collars that aren't big enough to be functional men's collars
  • and token epaulettes that aren't big enough to be functional epaulettes.

All of these token features are in fact 'decoration'... and decoration is a feminine trait.  So when a man wears several feminine fashion features together, it's going to weaken his masculine image... which means that other men won't have much respect for him (as a man).

Some women might think that a man looks 'nice' or 'cute' wearing  bright patterned fabrics and token features... but that doesn't mean that they're attracted by the look.

All it means is that you got their attention for a brief moment... but if there's nothing more to hold their attention (something masculine and attractive), then they'll quickly move on to the next pretty picture in the room.

Now I know that there are lots of people out there (men and women) who like to say that they don't care what other people think about how they dress.  But that's often not the whole truth.

We (humans) are hard-wired to have a 'pack' mentality... so at some level we do care what other people think... especially as our day-to-day lives depend on interacting with so many different kinds of people : bus drivers ; co-workers ; sales people, and so on.  We rely on them to accept us!

So if you don't want to play the 'fashion trend' game... or if you don't want to follow the status quo... there is one approach that will not only stand out as being different, it's something that can is respected across all age-groups and cultures.

It's your own personal expression of the primal masculine traits of a warrior-hunter :
  • simple... which shows that the man is practical in his approach
  • strong... which shows that he's capable of getting the job done
  • functional... which shows that he has a purpose for everything he's wearing.
So if he's wearing pants with lots of extra pockets, it's because he needs extra pockets. And if he's wearing a shirt with epaulettes, it's because he needs epaulettes. And if he wearing a hat, it's because he needs a hat... not because everyone else is wearing one.

It's the fundamental honesty of this approach that people unconsciously admire and respect!

As an example, here's another photo of Zach... but this time he's dressed in a very masculine way : simple ; strong ; and functional.  And it's for that reason that he stands out as being attractive.

 It's a Primal Thing.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Real Men don't do Cute

The photo above is of English actor Mark Strong... and in my opinion the last word you'd ever use to describe him is 'cute'In fact the way he dresses is the epitome of Alpha StylingAt a primal level women are hard-wired to be attracted to his masculinity... and men are hard-wired to respect it.

The foundation of masculine dress is easy to break down, because in one way or another, it expresses the desirable character traits of a warrior-hunter :
  • simple... which shows that the man is practical in his approach
  • strong... which shows that he's capable of getting the job done
  • functional... which shows that he's effective in everything he does.
And that basically translates as dressing like this :  
  • avoid clothes with excess decorations or unnecessary features
  • wear form-fitting clothes that highlight your masculine features
  • and preferably in dark or solid colours.
And yet so many young men these days choose to wear cute little shirts that have cute little collars and cute little pockets and cute little epaulettes... all made from a material that looks like it was a tablecloth in a previous life.

Now I'm sure there are women who think "Why would a man wear a little boy's shirt like that?'  But I'm also sure that there are other women who think "Oh, that shirt looks so cute on him."

And that's where a lot of guys get confused.  They think that looking 'cute' equates to sexual attraction.  It doesn't.  It means you'd look nice as a throw-cushion on her lounge.

So why do so many men wear shirts and pants that have excess decoration and extra straps and buttons that don't actually do anything?

Because it's fashionable, and fashion must be followed.  Why?  Because at an unconscious level there are 3 values that are hard-wired into the human psyche :
  • to fit-in and be accepted by the group
  • to be different and raise our status in the group
  • to be sexually attractive to potential mates within the group.
And that first value is very strong.  In fact it's probably the strongest of the three... because we're pack-animals by nature. 

But there is a dynamic tension going on between the 3 values.  Men (and women) will generally dress the same as the rest of their social group, unless it starts to adversly affect their ability to successfully attract a mate.

At a primal level, this threatens the survival of the species.  And it's then that a growing number of individuals will start to break with the 'norm' and adopt a manner of dress and behaviour that is sexually attractive.

Take the 1980's trend of men dressing and behaving in a sensitive new-age way.  That's what women of the time said they wanted... and so young men became sensitive new-age guys (S.N.A.G's)... basically so that they would be sexually attractive to women. 

But then in the late 90's women decided that they actually wanted a more 'manly' man in their life... someone who could fulfill a man's primal role of being a protector-provider

So sensitive new-age guys became blokes, and adopted a way of dressing and behaving that was considered to be 'Neanderthal' a decade or so before.  

So fashion trends come and go, as men (and women) dress to :
  • fit-in and be accepted
  • be different and raise their status 
  • and be sexually attractive to potential mates. 
Unfortunately, fashion trends rarely meet the demands of all three primal values... especially in men's fashion. 

But that's ok, because all a man has to do is wear his own personal expression of the masculine traits that people from all cultures admire and respect. 

So in summaryReal men don't do cute. They do simple, strong and functional.  No excess decoration - no unnecessary straps or buttons - no looking pretty in pink.

It's a Primal Thing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Primal Fashion Trend

A new fashion trend has emerged for men in recent times, but no one has really noticed. It's what I call Primal Fashion, because unlike previous trends it allows men to wear clothes that highlight every aspect of their masculinity.... everything from tattoos to facial hair, to the shoulders, chest and arms, to the crotch and butt.  The photo of actor Colin Farrell (above) is a good example of the look.

There are other polpular trends though : men wearing low 'drop-crotch' pants ; the 'sagging' look ; and men dressing in overly decorated shirts and pants, which is a feminine trait.  And then there's the 'lost little boy' look... oversized t-shirts and extra long baggy-bum shorts.

On that point of strange fashion trends, I recently read a very interesting book titled 'One Hundred Years of Menswear' by Cally Blackman. And what struck me was that there has always been some strange fashion trends for men. 

They're what I call 'Look at Me" trends... because they are so extreme that people just have to turn and look. The Zoot Suit below is just one example.

Like today, these extreme trends were usually worn by a social sub-group who wanted to rebel against 'establishment'  values.  But in some cases it ended up influencing main-stream fashion.

The photo below of Oxford Baggies is just one example.  What started out as an act of rebellion amongst graduate students at Oxford University, ended up influencing the style of mens trousers over the next three decades.

Another interesting point that I noticed from the photos in the book was that the fashion of almost every era only ever included one or two features that highlight the masculine form.
It's as if the natural primal instincts kept surfacing unconsciously!
Take the photo of a young Marlon Brando below. Although his trousers are a fairly loose cut - not highlighting his legs or crotch - his tight t-shirt highlights his masculine chest and arms.

Below is another example. It's a 1940's suit that emphasizes broad manly shoulders... but once again the pants ensure that the legs, crotch and butt are not emphasized in any way. And the look is clean-cut... civilised... tamed. 

But these days you don't have to look 'tamed.'  In fact you can look a little wild. You can wear a bit of facial hair... as well as clothing that complements every aspect of your masculine form. You can wear shirts that show off your shoulders and chest... and pants and that highlight your crotch, your butt, or your thighs.

Now maybe you're asking yourself why you'd want to bother highlighting all your best masculine features?  After all, you've been doing ok so far.  Or have you?  How do you measure what you haven't got... or what hasn't happened to you yet?

Wouldn't you like to be more respected everywhere you go... or be seen as more attractive? Wouldn't you like to just get better service in shops and restaurants?

No one actually aspires to 'doing ok.'  You settle for 'ok.'  And why?  Because you don't know how to make things better.... or maybe it just seems like hard work.

But it's really not hard at all.  All you need is to have a clear direction. And that direction could be this : to gradually ensure that every item in your wardrobe is distinctly masculine.
In other words, regardless of your career or social group, every item should be :
  • simple... with no unnecessary decoration, pockets, buckles or straps
  • strong... form-fitting, and preferably in dark colours or patterns
  • and functional... wear only what's needed for what you're actually doing.
And to express the styling of an Alpha personality, ensure that each item has :
  • obvious quality... which expresses self-worth, and creates higher status 
  • and an understated elegance... attention to the fit and finer detail (well made).

It's a Primal Thing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

But would James Bond wear it?

A friend of mine recently went shopping with his wife to buy himself a few new pieces to add to his wardrobe.  As they were looking through what was available, his wife picked up a shirt and said to him "This is nice."  It was one of those overly decorated shirts that are trendy for men right now -      and it was pink !

In response he simply asked "Yes it's 'nice', but would James Bond wear it?"

She immediately knew what that meant (it was pretty, but not very masculine), and she happily put the shirt back on the rack and moved on.

Although my friend's reference to James Bond might seem a bit 'cliche', it actually hit the nail on the head.  In our western culture James Bond is an icon of masculinity... and you would never see him wearing an overly decorated pink shirt.

And that's the point..... if James Bond wouldn't wear it, then it's not distinctly masculine. 
 Having said that, it's quite common for wives/girlfriends to shop for their man. And because women are naturally drawn to various forms of 'decoration', they will often dress their man in colours and designs that they think will look 'nice.'

But here's the rub. Men aren't supposed to look nice... they're supposed to look masculine. Women might like the look of 'nice', but they're not sexually attracted by it.

In other words, looking 'nice' won't cause a primal stirring in your partner's loins. And looking 'nice' won't prompt respect from other men either.

However looking masculine can easilly achieve both of those things. 

Historically, a man's role is to be a protector-provider... which is an expression of what used to be a warrior-hunterAnd when you dress in a way that expresses the character traits of a strong protector-provider, you send a message that registers on a primal level with both women and men. 

So here's the important point. Throughout your life you've been constantly changing the way you dress. And most of those changes have been caused by peer pressure. But changing now is about you taking control of how you look in the future... and how people will respond to you. 

In the past you may have had one or two compliments from women who thought that what you were wearing looked nice (most men have)... but 'nice' doesn't mean they found you attractive, or respected you as a man. 

But what does prompt attraction and respect is a style of dress that's distinctly masculine - something James Bond would wear -  something simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance

No matter what you do - at home, at work, or at play- those 5 parameters will serve you well :
  • simple... which shows you're practical in your approach
  • strong... which shows you're capable of getting the job done
  • functional... which shows you're effective at the things you do
  • with obvious quality... which shows you have very high standards
  • and understated elegance... which shows you have an eye for subtle detail.
And that basically translates as dressing like this :
  • avoid clothes with excess decorations or unnecessary features
  • wear form-fitting clothes that highlight your best masculine features
  • and the foundation of your wardrobe should be in dark or solid colours.
It's a Primal Thing.

For more insight into the Hero Mytholgy of James Bond, click on the link below :