Saturday, December 31, 2011

Maximise your Masculinity *(more on swim wear)

Some time ago I was on the beach with my family, when a man around 40 years of age walked along the sand with his partner.  He was stocky, in good physical condition, and not wearing a shirt.

But what caught my eye was his long multi-coloured board shorts. They were very baggy, very bright, and went down below his kness.

We (humans) are hard-wired to notice bright colours. It's part of our natural survival instinct... the ability to spot bright flashes of colour that might be an animal stalking us from the bushes. 

In fact that's why a lot of people like to wear bright colours - they want to be noticed. 

But that tactic only works if what you look like actually holds people's attention.

If you look different or unusual, they might keep looking at you for a minute.  If you're attractive in some way (preferably in a primal way), then they'll definitely keep watching you. But if you're neither of those, then they will quickly turn away.

So bright colours can be an 'attraction factor'... but if there's nothing impressive to hold people's attention, they'll just look elsewhere. And all this happens within just one or two seconds. 

I've always thought it was interesting that women instinctively know not to cover up their feminine features too much... even if they're surfing.

Men on the other hand, are often more inclined to follow what other men are wearing.... even if it makes them look less manly.

This is because of the first (and strongest) of the three primal values that influence how we dress :

1)  to fit-in and be accepted by the group
2)  to be different and raise our status amongst the group
3)  to be sexually attractive to potential mates within the group.

But getting back to the guy I saw on the beach, he didn't need to wear brightly coloured board shorts to be noticed. He was in his physical prime. His shoulders, arms and torso were muscular... and his thighs were probably muscular too, but you couldn't see them.

In fact, because he was standing in soft sand, you could only see about ten inches of his calves. So his board shorts actually cut his 'masculine features' in half... because they covered most of his lower body.

So any guy who looked at him was only going to have half the respect for him as a manly man. And any woman who looked at him was only going to find him half as attractive, simply because she couldn't see his muscular thighs and calves... and that includes his partner.

He would have been better off wearing speedos, or euro trunks, or just short shorts. But instead he was following the trend of wearing big bright boardshorts... even though he wasn't going surfing.

Finally, a word of advice about the on-going debate on whether women like to see men wearing speedos on the beach or not.

It basically all comes down to primal attraction : if a woman likes the look of you - your face, your physique, your manner - then she is usually happy to see as much of you as she can.

But if she isn't attracted to you (for whatever reason, don't take it personally), she doesn't want to see all the finer details that wearing a pair of speedos has to offer.

It's important to understand that the colourful V-shape of a pair of speedos draws attention to a man's 'bulge'... and a lot of women feel uncomfortable with that. 

However euro-trunks don't have that V-shape. And a dark colour provides an even greater degree of modesty, because the finer details can't be seen as easily. 

So regardless of fashion trends, keep in mind that women are naturally attracted to the image of a healthy male.... his shoulders, chest, legs, crotch, and butt. 

It's not a choice... they're hard-wired to find a powerful masculine physique attractive. The survival of the species depends on it. 

This photo of Daniel Craig is a good example of an Alpha male in his prime. His body shows that he is healthy and strong.... an experienced warrior-hunter... a successful protector-provider.

So whether you're on the beach, at a social function or at work, always strive to maximise as many masculine features as possible : your shoulders, chest, legs, crotch and/or butt.

It's a Primal Thing.

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