Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alpha Style Sunglasses

As this photo of actor Matt Damon highlights, an Alpha personality wears sunglasses that are :
  • simple, strong and functional
  • with an obvious quality
  • and an understated elegance.

But what does that mean exactly?  Well let me explain :
  • simple - a minimum of decoration
  • strong - in shape and colour, or both
  • functional - be the right kind of eyewear for what you're doing
  • quality - made from high-performance materials
  • elegance - not too thick or bulky, or trendy.
Regardless of what styles might be trendy for men right now, avoid sunglasses with extra large lenses. They are designed to create a sense of mystery..... which is actually a feminine trait.

Keep in mind that smaller lens give the impression of a more focused outlook.... which is a character trait that's admired in an Alpha personality.


Sports sunglasses are 'performance' eyewear, and best worn for sporting activities or in an environment that requires wrap-around characteristics... such as in the military.

In a business or social environment you will create a better impression if you wear sunglasses that complement the statement that your clothing is making. If you're wearing a suit, then avoid wearing sports sunglasses... and choose a classic style.

In summary : Regardless of what styles might be considered trendy for men right now.....
  • choose sunglasses that have small-to-medium size lenses  
  • with a minimum of decoration (no over-sized logos or branding) 
  • they should be the right kind of eyewear for what you're doing
  • be the best quality frames and lenses you can afford
  • and have an understated elegance... see George Clooney below :

It's a Primal Thing.

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