Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Trends and the Alpha Personality

The photo above is of Scottish actor Gerard Butler... and as you can see by his body language and style of dress, he's very much an Aplha personality :

1)  his look is simple, strong, and functional

2)  the fit complements his physique

3)  the colours are dark and solid.

Below is another photo, and again the look is simple, strong and functional... the fit complements his physique... and the colours are solid.

You could say that those 3 factors are the basis for Alpha-style dressing... and you'd think that it would be fairly easy to put together... but that's not always the case. 

In fact, when you're starting to put an Alpha wardrobe together, you often have to be patient because you have to shop around to find the right colours, and the right fit.

Take jeans for example. It doesn't matter if the jeans you wear are a famous brand or not... or if they cost $50 or $350. What matters is that they fit you well in the crotch, bum and legs.... and you have to find a brand that does that for you.

Remember, no famous brand name is going to have the same psychological effect as a primal display of masculinity that is created by clothes that fit well

Finding clothes that suit your particuilar physique can sometimes take a few weeks... and men generally aren't used to spending that much time shopping for clothes.

What most guys do is just buy what everyone else is wearing right now... because that's the popular fashion... and it's in all the shops.

But if baggy jeans are the fashion, it can be hard to find a pair that looks masculine. And if striped polo shirts are in fashion, it can be hard to find strong solid colours.

The problem of course is the constantly changing trends from the fashion industry. Each season the designers try to come up with something different that will set them apart from other fashion labels, and appeal to the buying public. And this creates an industry of constant change. 

For whatever reason, one idea will attract some attention (like striped polo shirts), and suddenly other labels will run with that concept too. And before you know it, striped polo shirts are the popular fashion for men this season.

The fashion industry can get away with offering up constantly changing fashion trends because of the psychological parameters that influence the way we dress :

1)  to fit in and be accepted by the group
2)  to raise our status amongst the group
3)  to attract the opposite sex within the group.

So it's no surprise that most young men wear the latest fashion trend... whatever it may be. They're trying to fit in to their social group... raise their status by wearing something new or different... and appear attractive to the opposite sex

In one form or another, it's something that happens with every generation.

But unforunately, fashion designers sometimes get it wrong, because they're constantly under pressure to come up with something new and different. And the end result can be a fashion trend that sends the wrong primal signals.

The extra long baggy shorts that make grown men look like little boys is one example... and the super tight jeans that make young men look like girls is another.

Often, the situation is made worse when celebities wear a bad fashion trend, and make it even more popular. Take the current trend of men wearing over-sized sunglasses. That style actually expresses a feminine trait, because it makes the face look smooth and soft. 

But still we see macho sports stars wearing that style of sunglasses. Why?  Because of the same three parameters :

1)  to fit in to the celebrity crowd

2)  to raise their status in the public eye
3)  and to be attractive the opposite sex.

These parameters have a subtle but very powerful psychological effect on our society. Let me give you an example........

In the 1980's we saw the emergence of the Sensitive New Age Guy (the SNAG). Women started to say that they wanted men to be less macho and more sensitive, so throughout the 80's and 90's men responded by dressing and acting in a more sensitive way.

Why would a whole generation of men change?  Well the answer is a primal one. They changed so that they would be sexually attractive to women (wife or girfriend).

But women gradually became dis-satisfied with the SNAG behaviour, and started to be attracted to a more rugged style of man (like tradesmen). 

Why?  Because what men had become didn't appeal to women at a primal level.  So a more macho look gradually developed (again).

But fashion trends continue to change, and every now and then men un-intentionally end up embracing a trend that expresses a feminine trait.

Now it's perfectly natural for a woman to want to soften her man... and fashion is one way of doing that.  But too much softness reduces a man's masculine presence... which means that he won't be as attractive to his partner (in a primal way)... and other men won't take him seriously.

So to avoid that problem, don't follow fashion trends (or celebrities) blindly... take the necessary time to find the brands that fit you well... and always remember the five parameters of Alpha-style dressing :

1)  keep it simple
2)  make it strong
3)  wear functional items
4)  that have an obvious quality
5)  and overall it will create an understated elegance.

It's a Primal Thing.


  1. Love your blog and have read all posts and been entertained and informed.Will take one exception with you though... when it comes to actors, appearing to be an alpha male and being an alpha male can be two completly different things. Actors are masters of illusion. The word 'Hypocrasy' comes from the Greek word for actors, one who is something else from what he appears.Think of it this way,what real man wants to spend hours every day wearing make up and wigs etc.Don't confuse screen heroes with real men!

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