Friday, November 26, 2010

Do's and Don'ts of Alpha Fashion

One look at British singer/songwriter Sting and you can see he's in touch with his primal masculinity :

1)  his look is simple, strong, and functional

2)  the fit complements his physique

3)  the colours are dark and solid.

The photo below is a variation of that look... and it highlights that once you establish your own expression of Alpha-styling, a simple change (in this case the shirt) can create a different look that still sends the same strong statement.

The photo below shows Sting in a dark tone-on-tone striped shirt. The collar and cuffs are white, which creates a strong contrast.... and the shirt would give an understated elegance to a simple black suit.

So with a few well-chosen items he has created a versatile Alpha-style wardrobe : 
1)  it's simple
2)  it's strong
3)  it's functional
4)  there is an obvious quality
5)  and an understated elegance.

So now that we've covered the fundamental Do's, let's have a look at some of the Don'ts. But before we do that, it's important to understand that an Alpha-style wardrobe is so very versatile because every item is simple, strong and functional. And if as many items as possible have an obvious quality, then all together the look creates an understated elegance.

In other words, every item in it's own subtle way is an attraction-factor.... with no weak links in the chain. This is how the understated elegance is created.

I make a point of highlighting this because a lot of guys wear just one or two Alpha pieces... and the rest of what they're wearing is a non-event.

An example would be going to a social function wearing a strong Alpha shirt with baggy-bum jeans and old sneakers. The jeans and sneakers will cancel out the effect of the shirt.

Why do so many guys do that sort of thing?   

Because we humans are pack-animals by nature, we usually try to fit-in with the rest of the pack. So if baggy jeans and sneakers are the popular fashion for men, then most guys will wear them... in spite of the fact that it will actually weaken the way they come across to people.

It shows that for most men, the first of the three parameters that influence the way we dress is the most important :

1)  to fit-in and be accepted by the group
2)  to raise our status amongst the group
3)  to attract the opposite sex within the group.

But this isn't the case for an Alpha personality.  He plays a more primal game, and they won't go along with popular fashion if it's not going to serve them well.

So unless you're going running afterwards, don't wear sneakers to a social event. Even if your sneakers are really comfortable... and even if the other men in your social group wear sneakers all the time... you will create a more Alpha impression if you wear some kind of leather shoe... preferrably with an edgy chisel or square toe.

It's the same with wearing thongs. Like sneakers, they are a non-event, and will do nothing to prompt people to take you seriously. So unless it's actually functional to wear thongs (like at the beach), go for stronger looking footwear. Even leather sandals would be better than thongs.

Moving on to pants... unless you're in prison or part of a street-gang, don't wear baggy-bum jeans.... they just make you look like a lost little boy. The same impression is created by extra long baggy shorts.... and no one outside of a small social sub-group is going to think it looks good.

That brings us to a very important point. These days a lot of people think that society should accept them the way they are... regardless of how they dress. And while that's a nice idea, it's not actually the way things work.

At a primal level we humans are hard-wired to be suspicious of strangers who obviously come from a different tribe. So unless you can live, work and play within your own social sub-group, it's a good idea to consider how your fashion statement is going to come across to the rest of society. 

Most men ignore this primal response (or simply aren't aware of it), and it can have a negative effect on their personal, social, and business relationships.

However the one fashion statement that crosses all cultures and age-groups is Alpha-style dressing... especially when you back it up by talking the talk, and walking the walk. 

Why does Alpha-style dressing have such a broad ranging postive effect? 

Because it expresses character traits that strike a primal chord with most people... and that makes it very attractive.

Now this brings me to my final point... as you develop your expression of Alpha-style dressing, you may well receive some resistance from people close to you. It might be a co-worker, or a friend, or even a family member.

But try not to take this too personally... it's really just a primal thing! 

As I've already stated, we humans are pack-animals by nature, and it's natural to try and raise our status within the group (any group).  So when someone starts to threaten our power and influence by displaying Alpha traits, the common response is to try and keep them down.

They might make fun of you, or embarrass you, or attack the changes you're making to the way you dress and behave... especially if it starts to show any form of success.

But stick to your guns... and if possible, limit the amount of time you spend with that person. Their behaviour is an indication that they're not going to be supportive... in spite of the fact that they might benefit as well.

So in summary :  Go against popular fashion when you know it's not going to serve you on a primal level. Understand that some of the people close to you might not be too keen on you changing the status quo. And finally, where ever you're going or whatever you're doing, remember the five parameters of Alpha-style dressing :

1)  keep it simple
2)  make it strong
3)  wear functional items
4)  that have an obvious quality
5)  and overall it will create an understated elegance.

It's a Primal Thing.

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