Friday, November 12, 2010

Standing Out without trying to Stand Out

The photo above is of Australian country music star Keith Urban, and what he's wearing covers all the basics of Alpha-styling :

1)  it's simple, strong and functional

2)  the fit complements his masculine physique

3)  and he's wearing solid colours (in this case, strong dark colours).

However Keith's image is in sharp contrast to what most young men are wearing these days... which includes shirts with artwork, and jeans with bright embroidery.

The jeans above are a striking example. The embriodery is obviously high quality, and the fit is certainly flattering. But make no mistake, the purpose of this concept is about one thing and one thing only : Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! 

It seems that young men are trying to stand out from the crowd by wearing clothes that feature bright designs.  And it does work to a certain extent. Why?  Because human beings are hard-wired to notice flashes of bright colour. It's a survival mechanism that helps to protect us from animals that are potentially dangerous.

Even in a social context, this new fashion trend fits within the primal parameters that influence the way we dress :

1)  to fit in and be accepted by the group
2)  to raise our status amongst the group
3)  to attract the opposite sex within the group.

So it's no great surprise that young men are wearing bright designs. Whether they realise it or not, they're trying to fit in to their social group... raise their status by wearing something new or different... and appear attractive to the opposite sex.

However this popular fashion trend has a down-side.  If you're wanting to stand out from other men and look attractive to women (your wife or girlfriend), this new trend doesn't actually have what it takes to successfully achieve that goal.

Why not?  Well it's a primal thing... something that many men have lost sight of.

Excess decoration is actually a feminine trait. So it's pointless to attract the attention of women (with bright colours) if your overall presentation has a feminine flavour to it.

Women are naturally hard-wired to be attracted to masculine traits. And men are hard-wired to acknowledge those traits as well.

So to really stand out from the crowd I recommend you consider taking a Zen approach, and not actually try to stand out. 

In other words, practice the art of Standing Out without trying to Stand Out.

How do you do that?  Well you need to work on a deep psychological level... a primal level... and dress like an Alpha personality.

Both men and women are hard-wired to respond positively to Alpha-style dressing.  Men respect the character it represents, and women are attracted to it.

Keep in mind that the attraction we experience for the opposite sex is a hard-wired response - not a choice.  Men don't realise that most women can spot an Alpha out of the corner of their eye, in a darkened room, at fifty feet. The way he dresses, the way he walks and talks, all register at an unconscious level.

In other words, you will stand out in a primal way if you display Alpha traits.

So finally, when you're choosing what to wear to any social occassion, remember the guidelines that can really help you stand out from the crowd :

1)  keep it simple
2)  make it strong
3)  only wear functional items
4)  that have an obvious quality
5)  and overall, have an understated elegance.

It's a Primal Thing.

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