Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wet and Wild (Alpha swim wear)

This photograph of actor Daniel Craig (James Bond) is very popular amongst women. Why? Well it's a primal thing. That image shows a warrior-hunter in his prime... fit, strong, and capable.  His chest, shoulders, torso, legs, and the discrete masculine buldge all say "Alpha male approaching!"
I think it's interesting that the makers of the movie (Casino Royale) decided to dress James Bond in powder blue swimming trunks.  Personally, I think that was done to soften the hard edginess of such a primal image.
But regardless of the reason why, when the movie came out the sale of powder blue euro trunks sky-rocketed around the world. 

Now here's a photo of actor Jeffrey Donovan, from the TV spy series 'Burn Notice'. He has a slimmer build than Daniel Craig, but many women would agree that he also looks attractive in euro trunks.
Interestingly, his trunks are black... which was an option considered for the Bond movie.  It's a more modest look that hides some of a man's more personal features.
That's an important aesthetic to keep in mind... although a discrete masculine bulge is a primal attraction-factor, women aren't interested in seeing anything more than a bulge.
But getting back to colour, remember this : if you have a slim build, then wearing a dark colour will add strength to your overall look ; and if you have a muscular build, wearing a light colour can make you more attractive (to women) by adding a softness to your overall look.

From a woman's perspective, the photos above (again of Daniel Craig) highlight another good reason why euro trunks are attractive.... regardless of the colour.

 Actor Gerard Butler (above) wears a more modest style of short shorts. Obviously legs are the attraction-factor with this slightly fuller style, but you should make sure that they fit well in the bum... because that's what women will be looking next if they liked what they saw in front.

Classic swim trunks (above) generally sit slightly higher than euro trunks, and are slightly longer in the legs. However, from a woman's point of view they are bordering on being a non event, because they aren't really highlighting the legs or the crotch. The only hope is that they fit well in the bum.
Now if you're married or in a relationship, you might be thinking that you're not really interested in being attractive to women. And that's fair enough. But what about your partner? Are you doing your best to be attractive to her?  And if not, why not?  It could help put a twinkle in everyone's eye.  

This brings us to boardshorts, which are the most common type of swim wear for Australian men. The name obviously originates from surf board riding... however these days they are also worn in other sports such as wind-surfing, para-surfing, wake boarding, and beach volleyball.
Boardshorts are sometimes called "boardies" in Australia, and "baggies" in South Africa. They became popular street wear as the skater-punk fashion trend expanded across America, and into other countries. 
However, in spite of their popularity in many countries, boardshorts generally lack primal attraction-factors.  Why?  Because they cover up the features that indicate a warrior-hunter physique.

Let me offer some insight into how physical attraction works (on a primal level) from a woman's perspective......... 
Even though you might be wearing the latest trend in t-shirts and boardies, first a women will notice your general body shape.
If that seems attractive she will then by-pass the clothes, because in this case they're hiding just about everything (chest, torso, crotch and legs), and she'll look at your face. Hopefully you won't be wearing trendy over-sized sunglasses, or she won't be able to see much at all.

If she finds your face attractive, then as you walk away she'll look at your bum... because that's another fitness indicator of a strong and healthy warrior-hunter.
Here's another example. When a woman sees an attractive image like this on the beach, she won't be thinking "Wow, what nice bright boardshorts."  First she'll see his chest, shoulders and arms... then his smiling face... then she'll probably think to herself "Those shorts are stopping me from getting a good look at his legs and bum."
And that brings us to a very important point. Most women simply put-up with a lot of the fashions that men wear these days... especially the low baggy-bum jeans and extra long shorts that make them look like little boys. It may be a social statement, but it just isn't attractive in any way.
So why do so many guys wear baggy boardshorts?
Well they're practical for water sports... but it's mostly because boardshorts are the popular fashion.  It's what men wear, regardless of whether they're going into the water or not.

Keep in mind here that we are hard-wired to dress within a set of primal parameters:
  • to fit in and be accepted by the group
  • to raise our status amongst the group
  • to attract the opposite sex within the group.
 So guys can fit in by wearing boardshorts (anywhere)... raise their status by wearing a famous brand... and attract girls by wearing bright colours and designs.

It's a great plan... except it seems that no one thought of asking the girls if it was going to work !?

But even if they did ask the girls, most guys are still very influenced by what the other men in their social group are wearing. 

Why?  Because they want to fit in and be accepted. And quite often that's more important than being attractive to the opposite sex (wife or girlfriend).

An Alpha, however, takes a different approach..... a very natural primal approach.
In summary :

Whatever type of swimwear you choose for yourself (speedos, euro trunks, classic trunks or boardshorts), make sure that the fit maximises as many attraction-factors as possible : your crotchbumlegs.

If you have a slim build, then wearing a dark colour will add strength to your overall look.  If you have a muscular build, wearing a light colour can soften your overall look, and make you more attractive to women (wife or girfriend).

Finally, choose swimwear that only has a small logo. It shows that you're confident in who you are, and that you don't need to try and boost your status with a famous brand name.
It's Primal Thing.

For more insight into swimwear for men, click on the link below :



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