Friday, October 15, 2010

Timeless Appeal of Alpha Men and Women

We humans are pack animals by nature... we group together for mutual benefit.

Consequently, the way we dress usually expresses one or more of the following three factors :

1)  to fit in and be accepted by the group
2)  to raise our status amongst the group

3)  to attract the opposite sex within the group.

In our western culture (which values individuality), you might even add a fourth factor : to stand out and be completely different from the status quo.

Ironically though, when individuals want to be different from everyone else, they usually join a group who all dress in the same way.

And once the individual has been accepted by the new group, they usually try to tweak what they wear in a way that raises their status amongst that group... and hopefully, come across as being attractive to the opposite sex. 

Within our culture we have lots of different groups.... you could even call them tribes... and they all have a distinct uniform that makes its own social statement.

Some examples are : goths ; gangsta's ; bikers ; rasta's ; emo's ; skaters ; surfers ; freaks ; geeks and nerds. And there's no mistaking who's who. 

Other less noticeable tribes are : managers ; accountants ; corporates ; bankers ; doctors and lawyers.... who all wear a similar uniform.

However, regardless of which tribe you belong to, there is draw-back with limiting yourself to always wearing one uniform... a big draw-back.... and it's this :

The uniform of your tribe is only going to make a positive impression amongst your own people.  Once you step outside your tribe, you'll find that some people may think you're strange... or not trust-worthy... or maybe even scary. And that could be detrimental to your social life, your love life, and even your career.

So regardless of your good intentions, when you wear your uniform and mix with people from other tribes, there will be times when you won't get the response you were hoping for.

However there is a style of dressing that crosses all age groups and cultures.

It's the style of the Alpha personality.... and it expresses values that strike a primal chord with most people. 

It says this person is practical - capable - effective in their role - has high standards - and an eye for detail.

These characteristics are timeless. Warrior-hunters throughout the ages had them... and so do the Alpha men and women of today.

They are expressed in a style that is :

1)  simple (practical)

2)  strong (capable)

3)  functional (effective)

4)  has an obvious quality (high standards)

5)  and an understated elegance (an appreciation for subtle detail).

Now this brings us to a very important point about the Alpha personality. Because of it's timeless appeal, it has a subtle yet powerful attraction factor.

So regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, it's to your advantage to develop your Alpha potential, and maximise your attraction factor.

It will prompt greater respect from people, and enhance your personal, social and business relationships.

It's a Primal Thing.

For examples of Alpha styling for men, look through 'Alpha Spy Fashion'
or 'Simple, Strong, Functional (the Alpha dress code)'

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