Friday, October 22, 2010

Simple, Strong, Functional (the Alpha dress code)


We humans are pack animals by nature... we tend to group together for mutual benefit. And because we group together we usually dress within a set of primal parameters :
  • to fit in and be accepted by the group
  • to raise our status amongst the group
  • to be attractive to potential sexual partners within the group.

So it's no surprise that fashion trends exist, because people are always looking for new ways to either : fit in ; raise their status ; or find a partner. It's a primal thing!

However, things seem to have taken a strange twist... young men are now dressing more like women.... wearing clothes that are adorned with lots of extra detail and colourful decoration. And that's a feminine trait.

Why is it a feminine trait?

Because of the primal roles that men and women play to ensure the continuation of the species.

Historically, in most cultures the role of the woman is to produce and care for children. In short, to be a wife and a mother.  And to achieve this she makes herself as attractive as possible to catch the attention of potential suitors, then selects one to marry and have children with.

In simple terms, to be attractive to a man as a potential wife and mother to his children, a woman uses her beautyAnd to enhance that beauty she will adorn herself with whatever means her culture (tribe) considers to be attractive and appropriate.

So you see, adornment is a natural (and very necessary) feminine trait.

On the other hand, a man doesn't have to be beautiful to be attractive. Throughout the ages his role is to be a warrior-hunter... or to use a contempory term, a protector-providerAnd when a man dresses in a way that clearly sends that message, he automatically becomes attractive to women.

Why is it automatic? 

Because the attraction we experience for the opposite sex is a hard-wired response - not a choice.

However a lot of men aren't dressing like men these days... so they're not sending the right primal signals to women... or to other men either.

In other words, men are no longer presenting themselves as having the traits of a warrior-hunter... which is a man who is practical, capable, and effective in his role as a protector-provider.  

Instead, they're wearing clothes that have lots of decoration... unnecessary artwork and superfluous design features.  And although the trend might look bright and pretty, it's not actually striking the right primal chord in people.

However there is an answer... and it's simple and economical.  Instead of wasting money trying to keep up with every new fashion trend that pops up, embrace the dress code of the Alpha male. 

The dress code will not only make you more attractive... it will also prompt greater respect from other men. And you won't have to spend as much on clothes... in fact you'll save money in the long run. Just ensure that everything you own or buy fits into the following five parameters :
  • simple (practical)
  • strong (capable)
  • functional (effective)
  • has an obvious quality (high standards)
  • and an understated elegance (an appreciation for subtle detail).

Following are some basic items of Alpha clothing. For the purpose of the blog I have chosen black and grey examples.  I've featured actor Hugh Jackman because I think he personifies the relaxed and easy going nature of the Australian alpha male.

T-shirts : The fit and quality are more important than the brand... and strong solid
colours will create the best effect. It's the same for polo shirts (see top photo).

Shirts : Take your time to look around and find a brand that suits your body shape.
Solid colours (even white) will create the best effect... and the quality (sheen)
of a good cotton shirt will always help you stand out from the crowd.

Watch :  Invest in the best quality watch you can afford (leather or metal band).
Avoid brightly coloured plastic watches, and watches that are overly big

Belts : Any classic style that matches (or complements) the colour of your shoes.

Shoes : Chisel-toe shoes create a stronger look than a round toe... and a solid sole
adds a sense of strength. Textured leathers can create an attractive edgy look.
Business bag : Preferably in leather, or a combination of leather and nylon,
or leather and canvas. Buckles and straps can add strength to a thin bag.

Overnight bag :  Again, preferably in leather or a combination of leather and nylon,
or leather and canvas. But look for a design that's simple, strong, and functional.
Sports bag : Choose a bag with a subtle logo or brand name, or no branding at all.
An Alpha personality doesn't need a big name or big logo to raise their status.

So in summary, keep in mind that :
  • Alpha styling is a minimalist approach... basically simple, strong and functional
  • your clothes should be fitted to complement your physique
  • and use solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe.
It's a Primal Thing.

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  1. Hello, thanks for the post , I found it very interesting as I am planning to rebuild my wardrobe. Having a ton of very nice looking, expensive, stylish clothing lead me to understanding that, although A LOT of women DO LOVE my style ( I am buying only premium ) , I ve decided to build a new self... No idea how it will go, but I googled alpha male clothing style and your post was definitely the best I ve read. Even eight years later!