Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wet and Wild (Alpha swim wear)

This photograph of actor Daniel Craig (James Bond) is very popular amongst women. Why? Well it's a primal thing. That image shows a warrior-hunter in his prime... fit, strong, and capable.  His chest, shoulders, torso, legs, and the discrete masculine buldge all say "Alpha male approaching!"
I think it's interesting that the makers of the movie (Casino Royale) decided to dress James Bond in powder blue swimming trunks.  Personally, I think that was done to soften the hard edginess of such a primal image.
But regardless of the reason why, when the movie came out the sale of powder blue euro trunks sky-rocketed around the world. 

Now here's a photo of actor Jeffrey Donovan, from the TV spy series 'Burn Notice'. He has a slimmer build than Daniel Craig, but many women would agree that he also looks attractive in euro trunks.
Interestingly, his trunks are black... which was an option considered for the Bond movie.  It's a more modest look that hides some of a man's more personal features.
That's an important aesthetic to keep in mind... although a discrete masculine bulge is a primal attraction-factor, women aren't interested in seeing anything more than a bulge.
But getting back to colour, remember this : if you have a slim build, then wearing a dark colour will add strength to your overall look ; and if you have a muscular build, wearing a light colour can make you more attractive (to women) by adding a softness to your overall look.

From a woman's perspective, the photos above (again of Daniel Craig) highlight another good reason why euro trunks are attractive.... regardless of the colour.

 Actor Gerard Butler (above) wears a more modest style of short shorts. Obviously legs are the attraction-factor with this slightly fuller style, but you should make sure that they fit well in the bum... because that's what women will be looking next if they liked what they saw in front.

Classic swim trunks (above) generally sit slightly higher than euro trunks, and are slightly longer in the legs. However, from a woman's point of view they are bordering on being a non event, because they aren't really highlighting the legs or the crotch. The only hope is that they fit well in the bum.
Now if you're married or in a relationship, you might be thinking that you're not really interested in being attractive to women. And that's fair enough. But what about your partner? Are you doing your best to be attractive to her?  And if not, why not?  It could help put a twinkle in everyone's eye.  

This brings us to boardshorts, which are the most common type of swim wear for Australian men. The name obviously originates from surf board riding... however these days they are also worn in other sports such as wind-surfing, para-surfing, wake boarding, and beach volleyball.
Boardshorts are sometimes called "boardies" in Australia, and "baggies" in South Africa. They became popular street wear as the skater-punk fashion trend expanded across America, and into other countries. 
However, in spite of their popularity in many countries, boardshorts generally lack primal attraction-factors.  Why?  Because they cover up the features that indicate a warrior-hunter physique.

Let me offer some insight into how physical attraction works (on a primal level) from a woman's perspective......... 
Even though you might be wearing the latest trend in t-shirts and boardies, first a women will notice your general body shape.
If that seems attractive she will then by-pass the clothes, because in this case they're hiding just about everything (chest, torso, crotch and legs), and she'll look at your face. Hopefully you won't be wearing trendy over-sized sunglasses, or she won't be able to see much at all.

If she finds your face attractive, then as you walk away she'll look at your bum... because that's another fitness indicator of a strong and healthy warrior-hunter.
Here's another example. When a woman sees an attractive image like this on the beach, she won't be thinking "Wow, what nice bright boardshorts."  First she'll see his chest, shoulders and arms... then his smiling face... then she'll probably think to herself "Those shorts are stopping me from getting a good look at his legs and bum."
And that brings us to a very important point. Most women simply put-up with a lot of the fashions that men wear these days... especially the low baggy-bum jeans and extra long shorts that make them look like little boys. It may be a social statement, but it just isn't attractive in any way.
So why do so many guys wear baggy boardshorts?
Well they're practical for water sports... but it's mostly because boardshorts are the popular fashion.  It's what men wear, regardless of whether they're going into the water or not.

Keep in mind here that we are hard-wired to dress within a set of primal parameters:
  • to fit in and be accepted by the group
  • to raise our status amongst the group
  • to attract the opposite sex within the group.
 So guys can fit in by wearing boardshorts (anywhere)... raise their status by wearing a famous brand... and attract girls by wearing bright colours and designs.

It's a great plan... except it seems that no one thought of asking the girls if it was going to work !?

But even if they did ask the girls, most guys are still very influenced by what the other men in their social group are wearing. 

Why?  Because they want to fit in and be accepted. And quite often that's more important than being attractive to the opposite sex (wife or girlfriend).

An Alpha, however, takes a different approach..... a very natural primal approach.
In summary :

Whatever type of swimwear you choose for yourself (speedos, euro trunks, classic trunks or boardshorts), make sure that the fit maximises as many attraction-factors as possible : your crotchbumlegs.

If you have a slim build, then wearing a dark colour will add strength to your overall look.  If you have a muscular build, wearing a light colour can soften your overall look, and make you more attractive to women (wife or girfriend).

Finally, choose swimwear that only has a small logo. It shows that you're confident in who you are, and that you don't need to try and boost your status with a famous brand name.
It's Primal Thing.

For more insight into swimwear for men, click on the link below :


Friday, October 22, 2010

Simple, Strong, Functional (the Alpha dress code)


We humans are pack animals by nature... we tend to group together for mutual benefit. And because we group together we usually dress within a set of primal parameters :
  • to fit in and be accepted by the group
  • to raise our status amongst the group
  • to be attractive to potential sexual partners within the group.

So it's no surprise that fashion trends exist, because people are always looking for new ways to either : fit in ; raise their status ; or find a partner. It's a primal thing!

However, things seem to have taken a strange twist... young men are now dressing more like women.... wearing clothes that are adorned with lots of extra detail and colourful decoration. And that's a feminine trait.

Why is it a feminine trait?

Because of the primal roles that men and women play to ensure the continuation of the species.

Historically, in most cultures the role of the woman is to produce and care for children. In short, to be a wife and a mother.  And to achieve this she makes herself as attractive as possible to catch the attention of potential suitors, then selects one to marry and have children with.

In simple terms, to be attractive to a man as a potential wife and mother to his children, a woman uses her beautyAnd to enhance that beauty she will adorn herself with whatever means her culture (tribe) considers to be attractive and appropriate.

So you see, adornment is a natural (and very necessary) feminine trait.

On the other hand, a man doesn't have to be beautiful to be attractive. Throughout the ages his role is to be a warrior-hunter... or to use a contempory term, a protector-providerAnd when a man dresses in a way that clearly sends that message, he automatically becomes attractive to women.

Why is it automatic? 

Because the attraction we experience for the opposite sex is a hard-wired response - not a choice.

However a lot of men aren't dressing like men these days... so they're not sending the right primal signals to women... or to other men either.

In other words, men are no longer presenting themselves as having the traits of a warrior-hunter... which is a man who is practical, capable, and effective in his role as a protector-provider.  

Instead, they're wearing clothes that have lots of decoration... unnecessary artwork and superfluous design features.  And although the trend might look bright and pretty, it's not actually striking the right primal chord in people.

However there is an answer... and it's simple and economical.  Instead of wasting money trying to keep up with every new fashion trend that pops up, embrace the dress code of the Alpha male. 

The dress code will not only make you more attractive... it will also prompt greater respect from other men. And you won't have to spend as much on clothes... in fact you'll save money in the long run. Just ensure that everything you own or buy fits into the following five parameters :
  • simple (practical)
  • strong (capable)
  • functional (effective)
  • has an obvious quality (high standards)
  • and an understated elegance (an appreciation for subtle detail).

Following are some basic items of Alpha clothing. For the purpose of the blog I have chosen black and grey examples.  I've featured actor Hugh Jackman because I think he personifies the relaxed and easy going nature of the Australian alpha male.

T-shirts : The fit and quality are more important than the brand... and strong solid
colours will create the best effect. It's the same for polo shirts (see top photo).

Shirts : Take your time to look around and find a brand that suits your body shape.
Solid colours (even white) will create the best effect... and the quality (sheen)
of a good cotton shirt will always help you stand out from the crowd.

Watch :  Invest in the best quality watch you can afford (leather or metal band).
Avoid brightly coloured plastic watches, and watches that are overly big

Belts : Any classic style that matches (or complements) the colour of your shoes.

Shoes : Chisel-toe shoes create a stronger look than a round toe... and a solid sole
adds a sense of strength. Textured leathers can create an attractive edgy look.
Business bag : Preferably in leather, or a combination of leather and nylon,
or leather and canvas. Buckles and straps can add strength to a thin bag.

Overnight bag :  Again, preferably in leather or a combination of leather and nylon,
or leather and canvas. But look for a design that's simple, strong, and functional.
Sports bag : Choose a bag with a subtle logo or brand name, or no branding at all.
An Alpha personality doesn't need a big name or big logo to raise their status.

So in summary, keep in mind that :
  • Alpha styling is a minimalist approach... basically simple, strong and functional
  • your clothes should be fitted to complement your physique
  • and use solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe.
It's a Primal Thing.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's Alpha for Men, and What's Not

I think this photo is great... I laugh every time I see it. Why?  Because to me, the cowboy is smiling because someone just told him that some men wear shirts like this to go out on dates with women.... and he can't believe it.

Why is that funny?  Because a pale striped polo shirt on a man who is obviously an Alpha, just isn't right. In fact it's a contradiction in terms.  

Why?  Well it's just not strong enough for an Alpha. It's obviously a high quality shirt... but the best place for it is on the golf course... not on a date.

If the cowboy (or any Alpha male) was going to wear a polo shirt, it would most probably be in a solid colour like the one above. Why?  Because a solid colour is strong... and that feels natural and right to an Alpha personality.

Now here's an important point for men to understand - regardless of whether you're young or old, married or single.  As far as women are concerned, a striped polo shirt is not a primal attractor... it's going to do nothing to maximise your appeal. 

In fact the best response you're going to get from your partner is "Oh that's a nice colour on you darling."

But why would you settle for nice, when you could prompt a primal attraction by wearing a strong colour in a shirt that shows off some of your masculine features?

Now that's something that could put a twinkle in your partner's eye.

And as far as other men are concerned - they really don't care if you're wearing the latest fashion trend or not.  From a primal level, you either come across as being a strong character, or you don't. 

If you do, then they'll show you some respect.  If you don't, then you're obviously no threat to their social status, so there's no need to show you much respect at all.

And while we're on the subject of polo shirts, although big logos are fashionable, they can come across to many women as being a sign of over-compensation in a man : "Look at me - I'm trying to make a big impression by wearing a BIG logo." 

The guy in the photo above can get away with wearing a big Polo logo because he is a champion polo player (Nacho Figueras). He just happens to also do some modelling for Ralph Lauren.

So you see it's all about integrity and authenticity... being real.... and that's an attractive Alpha trait in both men and women.

So it all comes down to this. If something you wear is only "nice", then it probably isn't Alpha. But if it ticks the boxes of the following 5 parameters, then it is Alpha :

1)  simple 
2)  strong
3)  functional
4)  with an obvious quality
5)  and an understated elegance *(see photo above).

So how do these five parameters work? 

Well it all comes does down to attraction... and in the words of American dating guru David DeAngelo "Attraction is not a choice." 

In fact, attraction is a programmed response that's hard-wired into the human psyche.  So if you display the appropriate signals, you trigger a primal attraction.

What are the attraction signals for men?

They are character traits... a way of dressing that signals that this man is an Alpha male... someone who is practical - capable - effective in their role - has high standards - and an eye for detail.

These character traits then translate into a way of dressing that's : 

1)  simple (practical)

2)  strong (capable)

3)  functional (effective)

4)  has an obvious quality (high standards)

5)  and an understated elegance (an appreciation for subtle detail).

The photo below of Australian actor Hugh Jackman is a perfect example.

It's a Primal Thing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Timeless Appeal of Alpha Men and Women

We humans are pack animals by nature... we group together for mutual benefit.

Consequently, the way we dress usually expresses one or more of the following three factors :

1)  to fit in and be accepted by the group
2)  to raise our status amongst the group

3)  to attract the opposite sex within the group.

In our western culture (which values individuality), you might even add a fourth factor : to stand out and be completely different from the status quo.

Ironically though, when individuals want to be different from everyone else, they usually join a group who all dress in the same way.

And once the individual has been accepted by the new group, they usually try to tweak what they wear in a way that raises their status amongst that group... and hopefully, come across as being attractive to the opposite sex. 

Within our culture we have lots of different groups.... you could even call them tribes... and they all have a distinct uniform that makes its own social statement.

Some examples are : goths ; gangsta's ; bikers ; rasta's ; emo's ; skaters ; surfers ; freaks ; geeks and nerds. And there's no mistaking who's who. 

Other less noticeable tribes are : managers ; accountants ; corporates ; bankers ; doctors and lawyers.... who all wear a similar uniform.

However, regardless of which tribe you belong to, there is draw-back with limiting yourself to always wearing one uniform... a big draw-back.... and it's this :

The uniform of your tribe is only going to make a positive impression amongst your own people.  Once you step outside your tribe, you'll find that some people may think you're strange... or not trust-worthy... or maybe even scary. And that could be detrimental to your social life, your love life, and even your career.

So regardless of your good intentions, when you wear your uniform and mix with people from other tribes, there will be times when you won't get the response you were hoping for.

However there is a style of dressing that crosses all age groups and cultures.

It's the style of the Alpha personality.... and it expresses values that strike a primal chord with most people. 

It says this person is practical - capable - effective in their role - has high standards - and an eye for detail.

These characteristics are timeless. Warrior-hunters throughout the ages had them... and so do the Alpha men and women of today.

They are expressed in a style that is :

1)  simple (practical)

2)  strong (capable)

3)  functional (effective)

4)  has an obvious quality (high standards)

5)  and an understated elegance (an appreciation for subtle detail).

Now this brings us to a very important point about the Alpha personality. Because of it's timeless appeal, it has a subtle yet powerful attraction factor.

So regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, it's to your advantage to develop your Alpha potential, and maximise your attraction factor.

It will prompt greater respect from people, and enhance your personal, social and business relationships.

It's a Primal Thing.

For examples of Alpha styling for men, look through 'Alpha Spy Fashion'
or 'Simple, Strong, Functional (the Alpha dress code)'

Monday, October 11, 2010

Looking Confident and Professional in an Interview

When young women dress for an interview they often wear what they think is appropriate from their perspective... or they dress in a way that maximises their attractiveness.  But a more tactical approach is to dress in a way that creates a positive psychological impression.
How do you do that?  By expressing what the professional and corporate sectors value... not your own personal values... and not fashion trends that are popular amongst your own age group.
So what do the professional and corporate sectors value?
They value staff who can be : practical, capable, effective in their role, have high standards, and pay attention to details.
These are the five characteristics of an Alpha personality, and they are generally expressed as a way of dressing that is :
  • simple (practical)
  • strong (capable)
  • and functional (effective)
  • with an obvious quality (high standards)
  • and an understated elegance (attention to detail).

For women this translates as a look that's :
  • simple... not too frilly or too loud (overly bright) 
  • strong... using solid colours as your foundation
  • functional... clothing and accessories that are practical for the role.

And if you can afford it, one or more items that have :
  • an obvious quality... in fabrics and craftsmanship
  • and an understated elegance... a subtle sophistication and attention to detail.

Suits : a suit (trousers or skirt) can express all the characteristics of Alpha Styling.

 The classic suit above is workable with or without the belt.

If you have a jacket, make sure that your top and skirt-or-trousers are the same colour.

 If you haven't got a suit or a jacket, then another option is a classic tailored dress.

Bags :  Although most women enjoy bags that are adorned with buckles, straps and tassles,
a simple elegant bag will look more professional (see examples above and below).

Other points to keep in mind include :
  • don't take a very old (worn) bag to an interview
  • never over-fill your bag
  • and make sure your bag and shoes match in colour.

Footwear :  Your choice of shoes should also reflect Alpha Styling... so avoid anything with excess adornment. The shoes above are both simple and elegant.  

Some companies have a dress-code in regard to footwear, so it's always better to wear a closed-toe shoe. And always make sure that your shoes are clean and polished (no scuffs).

Following are some examples of common styles of footwear. For the purpose of this blog I have selected black examples :

This classic high-heel could be worn with trousers, or a skirt of any kind.
And if you do wear a skirt, always wear pantyhose.

This wedge-heel could also be worn with trousers or a skirt of any kind.

These 'flats' have a distinctly feminine look, so they could be worn with trousers or a skirt.

If you prefer plain solid shoes, then you should only wear them with trousers.

Short boots should only ever be worn with trousers (in a corporate environment).

Jewellery :  Strive to minimise the jewellery you wear to an interview.... and only wear items that are simple and elegant.

Ear-ring styles to consider are : small hoops ; huggys ; or studs.  A simple and elegant idea can be seen in the photo at the top of the blog (pearl ear-rings and necklace).

Sunglasses :  Big sunglasses with wide sides and bling are popular right now... but that style can be seen as being too pretentious for the business and corporate sectors. Stick with the classic styles... they're timeless, and they cross all generations.
Make-up : An important but often neglected element is make-up. Make-up is best kept subtle. Being 'on-trend' with colours and styles has no place in a corporate environment.

The make-up examples in the photos of this post are all good examples of corporate make- up.

In summary : The goal of dressing with Alpha Styling is to make a positive psychological impression in your interview. 

Although it may seem plain or restrictive in style, once you settle in to your work environment you will generally find that you can express a more personalised way of dressing.

Keep in mind that every business wants to present a professional image that appeals to a broad range of age groups, and cultures. And that's why they're not really keen on strange new fashion trends being worn in the work-place. It could give the wrong impression (of the business).
So remember the five parameters of Alpha Styling :
  1. simple... nothing too frilly or too loud
  2. strong - use solid colours as your foundation
  3. functional - wear or carry items that are practical
  4. with an obvious quality - in fabrics and craftsmanship
  5. and an understated elegance - a subtle sophistication and attention to detail.
It's a Primal Thing.